‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 65: Will Goku kill Moro?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 will finally reveal the final battle between Goku and Moro. After the Super Saiyan has mastered the Ultra Instinct form, will he now have the chance to defeat the villain?

The death of Angel Merus triggered Goku to master the Ultra Instinct form he has been dreaming of. As he successfully put Moro down in the previous episode with this power, can he do the same in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65?

Moro’s future in Goku’s hands

The next episode will show if Goku can finally defeat Moro after all he has been through. He almost died, and the powerful wizard has left him powerless a number of times.

Now, with his new form, he may have the chance to put him down finally. However, according to Blocktoro, as Goku is never a killer, he may not kill Moro as revenge.

The only thing Goku may do is beat him badly and give him to the Galactic Patrolmen force. So, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65, fans may see Moro getting jailed.

Goku even told Jaco that he wanted to fight Moro as an earthling. When the fight is over, the Z fighters will celebrate victory and prepare for the next challenge.

Here, a new arc will begin, and more villains will come.

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The beginning of the Ultra Instinct transformation

The previous season showed Goku talking to Jaco about being a member of the Galactic Patrol. Just like Jaco, Merus wanted to join the Space Police. So, Goku promised to do everything to protect Universe 7 from Moro as a temporary member of the elite force.

Before Moro and Goku faced each other, Moro asked him about Merus. He then revealed Merus was gone, and it’s now up to Goku to defeat himInquisitr noted.

Although Merus is gone, a piece of him lived in Goku. From here, he calmed his mind and transformed into his Ultra Instinct form.

Goku unleashed an aura that emitted strong shockwaves all over the planet. His hair turned silver, and Whis confirmed it was the Ultra Instinct form.

Moro managed to level up his power to keep up with the fight, but it wasn’t enough to match Goku’s new form.

As Goku’s attacks improved, Moro couldn’t hit him even a single punch. How did he do it? Goku said his body started to move on its own.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 is set to be out on Tuesday, Oct. 20. Its raw scans are expected to drop two to three days before the new chapter is out – on Oct. 17 to 18.

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