‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 66: Gokus gets Vegeta’s help to defeat Moro

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66

Goku may finally know how to defeat Goku in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 and he may also get the help of the returning Vegeta.

Rumors have it Vegeta will make a triumphant return in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66. Add to that Goku’s plan to bring Moro down; they now have the chance to beat this supervillain.

Moro’s newfound strength and transformation

Goku is now taking the toll of his decision not to execute Moro. The planet-eater is now wreaking havoc in the universe with his newfound strength and monster-like transformation.

Moro is back in action after Goku gave him the Senzu bean that put back the crystal on his forehead. He now has the Angel powers, thanks to Super Saiyan’s kindness.

Moro uses the Earth as his body to gain more strength and avoid Goku from attacking him. If Goku tries to kill him, it will also be the entire Earth’s demise.

Now, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 preview, it teased Goku would find a way to defeat Moro that would leave the planet unscathed. The anime series’ official website also dropped the first pages of the new installment, showing Goku can get the better of Moro through the crystal on his forehead.

Merus did the same before he died, per EconoTimes. So, Whis told Goku about it before he and Beerus would leave the Battlefield after being summoned by the Grand Priest.

However, doing this will never be easy. As Moro’s body gets bigger and bigger, the crystal is getting smaller, making it a hard target.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66

Vegeta’s surprising return

In addition, the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 preview teased Vegeta’s return. Fans last saw Vegeta being defeated by Moro, along with other Z fighters.

It took time before the prince of the fallen Saiyan healed, but he is now back with a vengeance.

Vegeta will be back in action and is all ready to face Moro again. According to Comicbook, Vegeta may have learned how to separate fusions while he is on Yardrat.

If he manages to use this technique, he may separate Moro from the Earth. If this happens, Vegeta can save the planet and Goku can face Moro.

However, it remains to be seen if Vegeta already has an idea about Whis’ plan to take Moro down. Will they finally defeat Moro this time?

The long wait will be over as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 is set to be out on Friday, Nov. 20, on Manga Plus and Shonen Jump on Viz Media’s website.

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