‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 67 may feature Grand Priest, Goku’s meeting

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 will begin a new story arc that may see the Grand Priest summoning Goku.

Indeed, Goku has successfully defeated Moro, but he broke a lot of rules. He also left the Earth in danger of collapsing after what happened. So, will the Grand Priest punish Goku in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67?

Goku, Grand Priest’s meeting

Thanks to Angel Merus, Kid Buu, and Uub, Goku managed to bring Moro down. However, the Grand Priest called for a meeting involving Beerus and Whis.

Goku is also expected to be there as he has to take full responsibility for his action. Next time, he has to make sure that he will not be overconfident and follow the rules.

According to BlockToro, when Grand Priest and Goku meet, he may ask the Angel to bring Angel Merus back. If not, he may ask him to Angel Merus after the sacrifice he made to help him defeat Moro.

Beerus and Whis may show their support to Goku, but there is no way that they will betray the Grand Priest. So, things may become a little complicated in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67.

Elsewhere, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner is now over, and a new storyline will be revealed. So, a new villain or an old foe may return.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67

Recalling Moro’s defeat

Goku and Vegeta showed a lot of character growth in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. They had been through many fights that helped them land a final blow to the villain, per Otakukart News.

Vegeta used his spirit fission technique against Moro’s Energy Absorption. However, the earthlings had no enough power to give the final blow.

Jaco looked for Buu, but he couldn’t find him. So, instead, he searched for Uub that made him return to the series.

Goku needed a divine power to break the crystal that held Angel Merus’ ability, which helped Moro grow into a giant beast. With his massiveness, there was a threat he could explode and destroy that galaxy with him.

So, Uub inherited Kai’s divine power that Buu consumed to become Fat Buu. The evil Buu then left that led Uub to develop a vast Ki mass.

Vegeta sent it to Goku without knowing where it came from. This made Goku grow huge as the Ki activated his Ultra Instinct again that overpowered Moro’s ability. The crystal then blew, and Moro was completely defeated.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 20, at midnight Japan Standard Time.

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