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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 67 trailer reveals new arc, villain coming


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 raw scans and spoilers are now out, teasing the beginning of a new arc and villains coming. A new trailer also drops to give fans a better look at what is to come.

The first nine pages of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 have been released to show fans how its new story will go. The manga will feature a full revamp with its new content and more.

Introducing a new arc, villain

The new chapter will feature the beginning of a new arc, called Granola the Survivor arc. As the name suggests, the new villain Goku has to face is Granola, per BlockToro.

As some fans have no idea who Granola is, they are about to meet this new character.

The new chapter’s trailer sees Yunba asking Jaco if 73 is already destroyed. He just gives him a sly smile, knowing the Galactic Patrol didn’t check on 73’s real situation.

The scene then shifts to 73, showing his remains at the battlefield. However, something jumps into his head, and his eyes just started glowing.

Later, the preview gives a glimpse of Granola, who seems to be tailing a ship while confirming to an unknown character if that is the vessel they are looking for.

Other Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 spoilers and manga panels also show Granola crashing his ship into another craft, waking up what-seems-to-be clones.

It remains to be seen what these clones are for and what will be their roles in the new arc.

The new arc’s beginning

The new chapter will begin with Gohan, Kuririn, and Yamcha congratulating Goku’s win over Moro, International Business Times noted.

Everyone celebrates his victory, along with the Planet Yardrat and God’s Palace, while Piccolo and Vegeta are watching them from afar.

Surprise by his immense power, Vegeta asks Goku where he got his strength to bring Moro down.

As he doesn’t know what to tell the fallen Saiyan, he just shrugs him off, making him angry. He then teases Vegeta will learn about it someday.

In addition, Daikaioshin will make an appearance in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 to meet Oob.

The Grand Supreme Kai thanks Buu’s reincarnation for sharing his power with Goku.

Oob’s chi played a significant role in Goku’s great power that broke Moro’s crystal.

Daikaoishin’s greetings confused Oob, so he asks him who he is and why he is thanking him. The former tells him he is a relative and leaves.

These and other turns of events will be seen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 on Sunday, Dec. 20.

Featured images used courtesy of animelab/YouTube Screenshot, video used courtesy of Sendy47/YouTube Channel

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