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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 67: Who is the angel that Goku failed to revive?


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 spoilers and draft leaks are now out. Goku and others will celebrate Moro’s defeat and revive everything that the evil Wizard destroyed – except for a fallen angel.

Goku will be using his Dragon Balls to bring everything back to life in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67. However, there is one angel that he failed to revive, and fans strongly believe it is Angel Merus.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 spoilers and leaks

Titled “A Conclusion and Then,” the title fits the new chapter as it will feature the end of the old saga and the start of a new one.

The Dragon Team will start the new installment with Huririn, Yamcha, and Gohan, congratulating Goku for defeating Moro.

Gohan is happy to see his father safe after bringing Moro down, while Piccolo and Vegeta watch them from a distance.

The people of God’s Palace and Planet Yardrat are also celebrating Goku’s win, per BlockToro.

Surprised by his achievement, Vegeta asks Goku about his source power. As he also has no idea where does his strength comes from, the Saiyan shrugs off.

He only says Vegeta will understand what he did in the future.

Grand Supreme Kai’s coming

In the next scene, Daikaioshin thanks Oob for helping save the universe. However, he seems clueless about Daikaioshin’s words and even who he is.

The Grand Supreme Kai said he is a relative, but Oob knows it is impossible as they never look alike. After Daikaioshin leaves, Oob is left surprised, thinking if he is only dreaming.

Daikaioshin returns to God’s Palace, where Dende greets him politely. He then reverts to Boo and Mr. Satan, who is happy to see him safe.

Mr. Satan then offers a big celebration, a feast where everyone is invited to join. Later, they are all in his place, and everybody is having fun.

Goku then teleports to new Namek and return to Esca to use his Dragon Balls to revive everyone Moro destroys.

As even the planet Zun’s people are back to life, a distinctive angel remains lifeless. Is it Merus?

Will Merus return?

There are a lot of assumptions surrounding Merus’ death after he sacrificed his life to defeat Moro.

More of this issue will be addressed in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 when the meeting with the Grand Priest takes place. Beerus and Whis will be part of the talk, along with Goku, Devdiscourse noted.

Although it remains to be seen if Merus will be revived, fans are expecting there will be a special tribute for him.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 20, on MangaPlus and Shonen Jump on Viz Media’s website.

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