‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 68: Here’s what Granola the Survivor arc entails

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 will begin a new arc that will introduce a new villain, set of enemies, storyline, and more.

Fans are quite puzzled to see 73 clones in the previous chapter, along with the latest antagonist, Granola. As Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 will officially begin the Granola the Survivor arc, Dragon Ball enthusiasts are about to know a lot of things.

Possible features of the new arc’s beginning

According to BlockToro, there is a possibility that the new chapter will begin with a Granola flashback. Fans may see a glimpse of the new villain’s backstory, although it may also happen in the later installments.

Also, Angel Merus is brought back to life, but with a twist. He no longer possesses angel powers, meaning he is already a mortal.

This change has a lot of meaning in the Dragon Ball universe, and that is what fans need to know.

In addition, Goku and Vegeta had a lot of fun exchange in Chapter 67. So, readers are hoping to see more of it in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68.

Of course, with a new enemy, the manga enthusiasts have to wait for another intense battle between Granola and Goku. However, it may take a lot of time before this finally happens.

An optimistic Toyotaro

Meanwhile, as the Granola the Survivor arc begins, the manga artist overseeing the whole thing has a lot to say about it.

In an interview for Jump Festa, via Comicbook, Toyotaro revealed he is feeling optimistic about this new storyline and the big reveal it is about to drop.

“This time, it took longer to conceive than the previous chapter, but it was worth it,” he said as translated by DBSHype on Twitter. “Toriyama-sensei forte the best draft.”

Although he can’t say anything about the content yet, Toyotaro hopes everyone will be excited about it.

“There are many gimmicks and new revelations to be discovered!” he teased. “We will make it more exciting than ever, so please support us!”

Toyotaro has spent a lot of time working for the new arc that will begin in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68.

Although nothing is much known about it yet, it, reportedly, has a connection with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc.

Aside from the 73 clones, it will also feature Jaco’s return, so fans can expect to see more flashbacks.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 will drop on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.

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