‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 70: Granola’s one great wish

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70

Fans may finally see the strongest warrior in the universe in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70. After Granola revealed his wish to the dragon, it looks like the latter will grant it.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 raw scans are now out, and it reveals what may happen next in the series. After Granola found the second dragon ball and called the dragon, his wish might finally come true.

New chapter raw scans, leaks, spoilers, and more

According to Epic Dope, the new chapter will be called the “Greatest Warrior in the Universe,” which seems to be pertaining to Granola.

Everything will begin with the wish-granting dragon, asking Granola to confirm his wish. Though the mythical creature admits he can make the new villain stronger, he can’t make him surpass his latent potential.

However, if Granola agrees with his condition, making him the greatest warrior in the universe will begin in an instant.

Will he become the formidable fighter that he wants to be in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70?

On the other hand, Beerus explains the difference between destruction and hakai to his trainee, Vegeta.

Goku, who has been watching them for afar, is starting to doubt if Beerus is really training Vegeta or not.

Whis then asks if Goku is worried about Vegeta. The protagonist says he will instead work out on his UI stabilization than thinking of their activities.

At the end of the new chapter, Vegeta successfully manages to hakai a small stone, while Granola receives his newfound strength.

Chapter 69 recap

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, Granola had put Shoshiru and his allies down without the sweat and headed to the Planet Cereal. He then asked the aliens to fix his ship’s wings after sustaining major damages, OtakuKart News noted.

The creatures asked him about his next stop, to which he said he would be taking a rest for a long while. Hence, the aliens had more time to fix his ship while he went to the shop to buy the things he needed.

Inside the shop, the owner asked Granola about the old guy. The villain said to have issues with his legs, so he couldn’t come around.

He added the city wasn’t good enough for a man like him to stay.

What would happen next could be seen when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 drops on Friday, March 19, on Viz Media and MangaPlus’ official platforms.

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