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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 70: Is Granola the 7th Universe’s strongest warrior?


The new Granola arc continues in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70. Until today, Oracle Fish’s prophecy is still a puzzle to many, but will fans meet this strongest warrior soon?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 is still teasing the introduction of this alleged strongest warrior. With an introduction of a new villain, is Granola the great fighter that Oracle Fish is saying?

Chapter 270 spoilers, predictions, and more

“The true potential of the strongest warrior of the 7th Universe is…” the new chapter preview reads, via BlockToro.

Fans have formally met Granola, and by the looks of it, he will be a formidable enemy that Goku has to face.

He has his hands on one of the Dragon Balls on the planet Cereal and asks the dragon to make him the strongest warrior in the Universe.

Is he the one Oracle Fish’s prophecy is pertaining to? Does the dragon fulfill Granola’s wish?

With the many questions the previous chapter left, fans may finally get the answers soon in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 270.

Granola is not only an ordinary villain. He is an evil who wants to destroy the world and avenge the destruction of his planet.

With his arrival, will the action finally begin in the upcoming chapter? Also, as Goku has been missing in the previous chapter, will fans see him in the next installment?

Does Beerus have something to do with Saiyans’ death?

The Granola arc is now surrounded by a lot of theories, especially with the introduction of a new villain.

However, according to Comicbook, if there is one character surrounded by a lot of fan-made predictions, it is Beerus.

The God of Destruction is now back in the spotlight, and the claims began after the dropping of Chapter 55.

He was scolding Vegeta about Saiyan history at the time, and he no way looked any inch a god. He was questioning Vegeta then about the destruction of the Saiyans.

Vegeta then admitted that it was his father’s fault that led to the demise of his people. However, Beerus cleared that fate was “far from the truth.”

As the preview ended, did it mean that Beerus had interacted with the group?

If he did do so, it might be for a bad intention. This gave birth to theories that he might have forced Freeza to kill all the Saiyans, including Granola’s kind.

Though it remains to be seen if this is true, there is little possibility to it.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 is set to be out on Thursday, Mar. 18.

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