‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 70: Will the Eternal Dragon grant Granola’s request?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 draft leaks are now circulating online, teasing Granola’s willingness to do everything to be the strongest warrior in the universe.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70’s first draft now drops, and the panel shows Granola accepting the Eternal Dragon’s conditions. With this revelation, it is a hint that he is the warrior that the Oracle Fish’s prediction is pertaining to?

He said the Seventh Universe’s balance is about to change, as the strongest fighter in the heavens is about to be born.

Obeying the dragon’s demands

“I will accept all conditions,” Granola told the dragon that came out from the Dragon Ball that he got.

To recall, he wished to be the strongest warrior in the universe, and it remained to be seen if it would fulfill his wish.

By the looks of it, Granola has already made a deal with the dragon. He seems to be ready to follow all of its demands, though it remains to be seen what it will be.

Nothing is revealed yet as to what may officially happen next in the series. However, this may lead to Granola’s fight against Goku or Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 270, per BlockToro.

An anticipated event

According to Comicbook, Granola’s move is quite anticipated, knowing the previous chapter ended with a major cliffhanger.

The first time the Eternal Dragon was seen in the series was when it made its debut in Chapter 69.

It looks like it is willing to grant Granola’s request, though it will never happen without stipulations. It may come with several issues; knowing granting a request this big is not an easy task.

There may be a drawback that Granola will soon find out. As to what this catch will be, no one has any idea until Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 drops.

It can be anything under the sun that can only happen in the Dragon Ball Super world. The villain may have finally listened to the god, who gave him some food for thought.

Anyhow, the leak comes from the anime’s official website, so fans can trust the source.

The talk will surely happen in the next installment, along with another visit to Granola’s storyline.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70’s English manga version is set to be out on Thursday, March 18, per the official manga sources. The raw scans, on the other hand, may drop two to three days before the official release date comes, so it may be on Thursday, March 11.

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