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‘Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71: Granola, Goku, Vegeta to finally meet


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 teases Granola, Goku, and Vegeta’s upcoming meeting after the initial became the strongest warrior in the universe.

Granola has finally fulfilled his wish to be the greatest warrior in all cosmos, but with a twist. It will cost him his life span, though it will not stop him from carrying out his plan to face Frieza. Will it finally happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71?

Granola, Goku, Vegeta’s face-off

Elec wants Granola to go against Goku and Vegeta. According to BlockToro, Granola is not a traditional villain, but he may be manipulated so that the two Saiyans can fight him.

“At last, fate will bring these three together,” the new chapter’s preview reads.

Will these three have a three-way battle in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71? Can Granola prove he is the strongest warrior in the universe by defeating these two?

Chapter 70 recap

After successfully collecting the dragon balls, Granola managed to summon the dragon that would grant his wish. He then asked to have the greatest warrior’s power in the universe, but the dragon said it was only possible if he would accept his condition.

Granola quickly agreed, not knowing it would cost him his life. After acquiring an incredible strength, OtakuKart News noted he went back to Planet Cereal and caused huge destruction.

He was not yet accustomed to using his new techniques. He ruined the boulder by just simply opening his hand and folding it, making him surprised by his own ability.

The villain even wondered what made him destroyed the boulder with just one blast. The old geezer saw what happened and noticed the missing dragon balls.

He then called Granola and asked if he used it. The latter admitted the truth and revealed he now possessed the strength that only he had.

Elsewhere, Whis asked Goku if he had a problem, to which he said no, but he was there to hone his Ultra Instinct.

Goku wanted to see who was the strongest between him and Vegeta, but Whis said it was somebody else.

The protagonist then asked if there was someone stronger than them. Whis couldn’t answer his question for now but said it might appear anytime.

It looks like that time will come in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 as Granola may finally make his appearance in Goku and Vegeta’s world.

These three may finally meet after the Granola arc begins, and it is surely a must-see.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 will drop on Saturday, April 10, per the official website.

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