‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 72: Macki, Oil Setup Goku, Vegeta, Granolah’s fight

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 may show a much stronger Granolah—much powerful than he wishes to be.

This only proves Granolah is a formidable enemy for Goku and Vegeta, as the three may soon face each other. As the previous chapter sets the stage for their meeting, fans may finally witness their fight in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72.

A new revenge plot

The previous episode’s major cliffhanger set the stage for Granolah’s new revenge plot.

According to Comicbook, it teased how he would meet Goku and Vegeta after Chapter 71 ended with the three—though the two Saiyans weren’t aware of his presence.

The new arc’s villain has been holding a 50-year-old grudge due to the death of his fellow Cerealians.

By the looks of it, he will wrongfully take his vengeance on the Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72.

Previous episode recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 teased the upcoming battle of Granolah against Goku and Vegeta.

It looked like the Heeters would also be seen in action to pit the Cerelian race’s sole survivor against the Saiyans.

After all, the family planned to have them in a brawl.

Macki and Oil asked for Goku and Vegeta’s help but planned to bring them to Planet Cereal to face Granolah.

Macki told the villain the two Saiyans were coming his way but created a lie by saying they were Frieza’s men.

Knowing Granolah hated Frieza, he was seen preparing to put Vegeta and Goku down to finally fulfill his revenge.

The set-up of Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah

BlockToro noted Goku, Vegeta, and Granola had no idea they were only set up for a fight in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72.

Believing they are indeed Frieza’s men, Granolah will launch an attack against Goku and Vegeta.

The Saiyans, on the other hand, may have been prepared after they underwent rigorous training.

Whis even warned them a new enemy is coming, so they may be are ready to defend themselves and the planet.

This seems to confirm the three’s fight in the next installment, and fans have to wait and see how it will play out.

Sure, Granolah has become the strongest warrior in the universe, but Goku and Vegeta have received new powers that may match his ability.

Fans are about to see what will happen next when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 drops on Thursday, March 20.

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