‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 74: Vegeta joins the fight


The much-awaited Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will continue the fight between Goku and Granolah. However, as things are getting pretty intense between the two, Goku will get the help of Vegeta.

Granolah and Goku’s exchange of attacks and hits is beyond incredible. They both display unbelievable power and strength and fans are about to see more of it in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

A New Update

Thankfully, to calm the hype awaiting fans, Shueisha gives an update about the new chapter’s release.

Sadly, as the manga releases monthly, readers will not see what will happen next until July. However, it will also be part of V-Jump magazine’s September issue, so Akira Toriyama still has a lot of time to focus on the series.

Twitter user DBS Chronicles shared the news, along with a photo of the publication’s promotional image.

V Jump September Issue Advertisement DBS Ad,” it reads. “’Do Goku and Vegeta stand a chance against Granolah’s ever-increasing power…!?’ Releasing on 21 July 2021. Ch74 on 20 July, 2021.”

By the looks of it, Vegeta cannot handle Granolah alone, so he may get the help of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

Granolah remains determined to avenge his people and planet after Frieza ordered its destruction, Comicbook noted.

However, it looks like he is barking at the wrong tree as he sets his eyes on Goku and Vegeta, thanks to the Heeters.

The thuggish family orchestrated the revenge and he wants Granolah to put down the two Saiyans. Will they succeed or a huge twist is about to happen?

Chapter 73 Recap

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73, Granolah used a two-finger laser to attack Goku, which the latter successfully dodged.

The antagonist wondered why he could not predict the enemy’s next move, OtakuKart News reported. Then, Goku unleashed a Kamehameha that blew Granolah away.

This made him think that Goku’s attack was far stronger than his and even possessed faster Evasion.

Granolah warned Goku he would be targeting his vital points. As the two talked about training, the villain realized he lacked the training that Goku had.

Later, Goku teleported to where Vegeta was and told him Granolah had moves like Moro. As Vegeta asked Goku if he found it hard to face Granolah, he said the Cerelian warrior was different.

What happens from here can be seen when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 drops on July 20.

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