‘Dragon Ball  Super’ Chapter 74: Will Vegeta show new transformation to fight Granolah?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

Fans are about to witness the fight between Vegeta and Granolah in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

Goku was exhausted from his fight against the Cerelian in the previous chapter. So now, it is up to Vegeta to face Granolah in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

Can the Saiyan defeat the stronger warrior in the world?

New Chapter Draft

Twitter use DbsHype shares the upcoming installment’s draft, as translated by IBTimes, showing the Sugarians escaping the city.

They are going to a safer place to avoid getting involved in the big fight happening.

From here, the battle between Vegeta and Granolah will begin. The prince tells the villain that “clone and fusion are useless powers.”

However, Granolah contradicts it, saying he conserves his stamina as he wants to face Vegeta’s master, Frieza, instead.

Vegeta starts to think if Granolah knows he does not work for Frieza anymore. In fact, he and the emperor of the universe are enemies.

Granolah just laughs, unconvinced of Vegeta’s revelation in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. He says Vegeta is betraying his master to save himself.

Oatmeal chimes in, revealing Goku says he is not the villain, but Granolah strongly believes the Saiyans are Frieza’s men.

Vegeta continues that he was only a child when the Saiyans attacked Planet Cereal, so he has nothing to do with it.

As Granolah does not want to believe him, he still wants to kill every Saiyan. So it looks Vegeta is left with no choice but to fight him.

He promises to bring Granolah down, so he prepares himself and blows up the land around the enemy.

A massive explosion occurs that surprises Oil and hits some Sugarians.

Vegeta’s Transformation

So far, Vegeta has yet to make any Super Saiyan transformation. So, Epic Dope noted he might face Granolah in his base form and gradually increase his power.

However, knowing Vegeta just goes all out in a fight, it may never be the case. Fans may see Vegeta undergoing a major transformation, like what Toppo did in the tournament of power.

Vegeta is confident of his ability despite what Granolah did to Goku.

Does this mean his destruction powers are equally strong or have surpassed Goku’s Ultra-Instinct?

Anyhow, if Granolah still manages to defeat him, Vegeta and Goku may join their powers to finally put him down.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will be out on July 20 on Viz Media’s digital Shonen Jump library.

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