‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 80 spoilers: Granolah may defeat Gas with Vegeta’s help


Fans are now looking forward to seeing Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 to continue the Granolah and Gas fight.

Gas has now become the strongest fighter in the world, surpassing Granolah’s ability. With that being said, how will the last Cerelian race defeat the Heeters’ leader in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80?

The possible end of Granolah, Gas’ fight

Sure, Granolah is no longer the strongest warrior there is, but he does not need this title to prove himself.

Thanks to Vegeta, the prince of the fallen Saiyan has taught him how to beat a much stronger opponent.

According to Comicbook, Vegeta has schooled Granolah about power scaling. He knows how to pass the limit Granolah needs to put the enemy down.

He has to undergo intense training and learn about a bit of rage to push the strength within him.

Granolah has to admit that he does not know how to wield his power properly. So, following Vegeta’s advice will give him a big chance to beat up Gas.

Gas may be more powerful than him right now, but he is too un-properly trained and arrogant to prove his potential.

With these issues, fans are quite sure that Granolah will be on his way to victory and this may start from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 forward.

Chapter 79 recap

Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, Granolah challenged Gas to another round of battle.

Gas threw the beaten Goku to the ground and two started their battle again, per Anime News and Facts. Gas used his Alteration-type ki manipulation technique to create many energy-based weapons.

Alternatively, Oatmeal helped Granolah. Goku then asked Vegeta how Granolah was doing in their fight.

Vegeta was proud to see that Granohal was doing well as Gas, if not better than the enemy.

However, amid their battle, Granolah wondered why he could only use his own abilities and not the superpower he wished for.

From here, Gas used his incredible strength to send Granolah flying away. He continuously attacked Granolah with his moves and techniques.

But Granolah came out braved and removed his tattered vest. Despite being beaten up, he proved he was still up for a fight while Goku and Vegeta continuously watched.

Vegeta was confident that Granolah had the chance to victory, seeing Gas’ use of Instant Transmission was sloppy.

What happens from here can be seen when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 drops on Thursday, Jan. 20.

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