‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie: Will does the new film have to feature a god-level villain?

Dragon Ball Super

Fans are now waiting to see the new Dragon Ball Super movie. What is the better way to make the upcoming film more poignant but to feature a god-level villain?

Toei Animation formally announced the coming of a new Dragon Ball Super movie on Goku Day.  As the studio, along with the original creator Akira Toriyama, revealed they had been planning for this film before Dragon Ball Super: Broly was out, there are now great expectations about it.

The possible coming of a supervillain

According to Comicbook, it has been the studio’s plan all along to create a “larger-scale story” that will feature much better fights.

As these things are already seen in Broly, can Toriyama and Toei surpass what they already did?

There are two ways for them to do this. One is to top Broly with a possible larger story in the new movie.

The second is to feature a god-like villain to outmatch the battles in the 2018 movie.

As Toei teases the fights in the new Dragon Ball Super movie, a much even stronger enemy may come to face Goku and the gang.

To recall, Toriyama himself teases an “unexpected character” that will be seen in the upcoming film. So, will it be a new villain that will start the intense fights in the new movie?

Knowing the extreme power Goku and Vegeta now possess, the enemy should bear a god-level threat.

Is there a chance that it will feature Granolah, the strongest warrior in the universe?

Suppose the movie adapts the events after the Galactic Patrol Prisoner and Granolah the Survivor arcs. In that case, a new enemy should manage to keep up with Goku’s mastered Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s new God of Destruction techniques.

A possible new anime series

Aside from the new villains, fans are also looking forward to seeing a unique storyline that may give birth to a new anime series.

When the franchise’s official website drops new updates about the new Dragon Ball Super movie, it features an interview with the Filipino animator Florence Jay Dominguito.

Here, he seems to tease that the franchise may have a new anime series.

However, either Toei or Toriyama confirms the claim and does not announce the new show during the new movie’s official announcement.

So, what Dominguito really says is, he is excited to see a new anime that will continue after the film, per IGN.

The animator does not confirm there will be a new one, but just like fans, he is waiting to see it.

It may be a long wait, but Toriyama and Toei may give a few updates about the new Dragon Ball Super movie in the coming days.

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