‘Dragon Ball Super’ teases Goku and Vegeta’s fusion to defeat Moro

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super has just revealed Goku and Vegeta’s new powers. Will it be enough to defeat the Planet-eater Moro?

Dragon Ball Super has definitely become one of the most prominent manga at this time. It’s well-known flagship manga, Dragon Ball, maybe the reason for the success it attained. Nevertheless, the series still proved that it’s worthy of the spotlight, given the praises it received from fans and critics alike.

Dragon Ball Super manga overview

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super revolves around the adventures of Goku, ten years after Majin Buu’s defeat. Goku is a Saiyan originally sent to destroy the planet but eventually turned out to be the greatest Earth defender. Meanwhile, Majin Buu was one of the villains of Dragon Ball manga, who has different forms and personalities.

After Goku’s encounter with more powerful beings, he attained the power of a god. With this at hand, he must learn to use his newly discovered powers under the gods of his universe. Furthermore, he will have to face more formidable opponents and nearly unstoppable foes while traveling across the universe.

Chapter 60 features an intense fight between Goku and Moro

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 60, Goku returned from long inter-galactic training in order to battle with the Planet-eater Moro. Moreover, he aimed to test his newly-discovered Ultra Instinct power. The latest chapter witnessed Goku and Moro’s intense and thrilling throwdown.

However, the Saiyan’s power was not able to finish the wizard off before he lost the Ultra Instinct power. Since Goku’s new technique rapidly drains his power, he consequently fell before Moro. Fortunately, Goku has plenty of friends that could offer him a helping hand.

Due to their cybernetic origins, Android 17 and 18 have the ability to prevent Moro from absorbing their power. Hence, they stopped the villain from consuming Goku’s energy and power. At the same time, the duo distracted Moro for a short time. Nonetheless, they’re no match for the Planet-eater either.

Vegeta returns to save Goku

Luckily, Vegeta made his first Instant Transmission jump back to Earth just in time. When he made his grand entrance, he discovered Goku lying bruised in the dirt. With this sight, Vegeta ridiculed the Saiyan with the words,

“Well don’t you look pathetic. What, did Ultra Instinct prove to be useless?”

He further bragged about his newly-learned power after his training on the planet Yardrat. Vegeta smirked and said,

“I’ve learned a far superior technique of my own”

The result of Vegeta and Moro’s fight will remain uncertain unless the next chapter drops. If it does, fans will further witness whether Goku’s Ultra Instinct diffuses with Vegeta. Undoubtlessly, it will potentially be the strongest and most powerful fusion in the anime franchise.

Image Courtesy of finesse laflare/Youtube Screenshot


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