‘Dragon Ball Super’: The possibility of Frieza’s appearance

Dragon Ball Super

The much-awaited face-off of Granolah, Goku and Vegeta finally happened and it gave birth to a lot of Dragon Ball Super theories.

As Granolah has been looking forward to facing Frieza, is it possible for the emperor of the universe to return? There are theories Dragon Ball Super has made way for Frieza to show up in the series.

Frieza’s Possible Return

Granolah finally met Goku in Chapter 72 and the latter might be surprised to know that the he was not the antagonist he expected.

Granolah told Goku the root of his grudge, which was the extinction of his Planet Cereal that Frieza made.

The new villain planned to know Frieza’s whereabouts from the two Saiyans after successfully defeating them.

These revelations made Goku surprised. Granolah believed Goku and Vegeta worked for Frieza. Though this was far from the truth, their battle against each other continued.

From here, they might be giving Frieza the time to make his triumphant return in Dragon Ball Super, per Comicbook.

If Frieza happens to know the advent of Cereal’s own Dragon Balls, he may come running.

He may discover the relics through The Heeters as they seem to underestimate his ability.

If Frieza indeed appears, Granolah will have the chance to finally avenge his planet on the right individual.

So, it just means that it is not impossible for Frieza to make an appearance here.

The Lack of Senzu Bean

Meanwhile, fans know the importance of Senzu Bean on a warrior. It can help regain the fighter’s strength and instantly recover from their injuries.

So, in the recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta made a major mistake when they did not bring enough of it.

As their battle against Granolah began, Goku got hit by the enemy’s energy blast on his vital point. It quickly knocked him out, though they had not seen Granolah yet.

Vegeta rushed to Goku and pulled out a Senzu Bean, per CBR.

“I’d hate to use any of our Senzu Beans before we’ve even seen our enemy, but eat up you!” he said. “We only brought two beans with us.”

Vegeta then chastised Goku for relying on his Ultra Instinct ability, which was why he got hit.

Senzu Beans do not just proliferate. However, as time has already passed since their last battle with Moro, there may be enough supply of it.

The two Saiyans may not have expected Granolah to be a formidable enemy, so they do not bring more.

Will Goku and Vegeta survive their fight against Granolah? Find out when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 drops on June 20 on Viz Media.

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