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‘Dragon Ball Super’: Who is the mysterious great fighter that’ll surpass Goku?


Dragon Ball Super has officially started its new Granola the Survivor arc. With the death of Moro, a new villain will be introduced, along with a band of bad guys and a mysterious great fighter.

The promo for the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super teased a lot of new things are coming to the series. Aside from a new storyline, fans are about to see a new set of villains that will once again try to bring Goku down.

The intriguing promo that puzzled fans

The latest chapter of the manga series will give fans a better look at Granola and his real intention in coming to Goku and the rest of the gang’s world. However, it looks like this new villain is not the only problem the Saiyan has to face.

The promo revealed the new villain is from a planet that encountered a tragedy and might be its lone survivor. Now, he wants to take his revenge against Freeza.

“I’ll get revenge on that b****** Freeza…,” he said. His planned move would “alter the balance of power in the universe.

Goku and Vegeta will try their best to catch him as the story continues in Dragon Ball Super.

“I’ll surpass Kakarot using a different method,” Vegeta swore.

The promo also revealed there would be a newly emerging power in Universe 7. Among these, the “greatest warrior in the universe” would be born.

“It will be born soon…The greatest warrior in the universe…,” Oracle Fish revealed.

The greatest warrior prophecy

According to Comicbook, this warrior may surpass Goku’s abilities and powers, which means he’ll be indeed the most powerful in the universe.

No one knows who this mysterious figure is or what the prophecy means, but it gives birth to many theories.

The first one is the assumptions about Bulla. Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter was born amid Dragon Ball Super, so she might be the one the prediction was pertaining to.

Just like what the Oracle Fish said, any warrior could “literally birth this arc.”

The next one is the metaphorical take on birth. A warrior can be born anytime, especially when the situation demands.

So, the promo may not literally mean a newborn, but someone who has been born again as a warrior. This can even be Goku, who may once again possess a new power, giving birth to a new ability.

A new group of villains in Dragon Ball Super

In addition, Dragon Ball Super will have a new group of villains. Aside from Granola, there will be a lot of evildoers coming to the series.

They look like a band of “evil space pirates with comedic overtones” that match Granola’s image.

Although they’re not the new arc’s main baddies, they will, reportedly, play a major part in the story.

So, it looks like Dragon Ball Super will once again bring fans to a colorful journey that will be full of intense scenes.

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