‘Dragon Ball Super’: Will Goku unveil new Super Saiyan transformation?

Dragon Ball Super

Goku and Vegeta finally made their way to Planet Cereal to meet Granolah in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Goku and Granolah have finally come face-to-face. It looks like the Saiyan is yet to reveal everything he got. Does this mean there is a new form that Goku is about to reveal in Dragon Ball Super?

Granolah, Goku, Vegeta’s Much-Awaited Face-to-Face

Granolah has a grand welcome for Goku and Vegeta as the sniper hits them with potshots before they finally meet each other.

Granolah then calls out Goku for taking him lightly, and he does not want anyone to treat him that way anymore.

“You’re still concealing your power, aren’t you?” Granolah asks.

“Of course,” Goku answers back. At the time, he has not transformed into Super Saiyan Blue yet.

“You’re right. I’ve still got an even stronger transformation,” Goku teases.

Does this mean Goku has a new form to unveil or is he pertaining to his SSB transformation?

According to Comicbook, this discussion makes Granolah perk up, getting ready to fight Goku with all his strongest warrior strength.

However, as Goku may try to hold back his real ability, it may take its toll on him. He may have no idea that the enemy in his front has turned into the strongest fighter in the universe.

As he may eventually unveil his full power, will fans see a new Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball Super?

Knowing the Real Granolah

As Vegeta lets Goku face Granolah first, he roams around planet Cereal and investigates the ruins.

Here, he finds a mysterious gigantic footprint. Though some question what it is, Vegeta says he thinks he now knows who Granolah is.

Compared to all the villains the franchise features, Granolah is undeniably different, per Epic Stream.

He has no evil intentions of any sort. He just wants to take his revenge against Frieza for ruining his planet and its people, resulting in their extinction.

However, when the Heeters enter the picture and offer Granolah their help, they will take advantage of it.

They will be pitting Granolah against the Saiyans, causing a huge conflict between the two races.

From here, intense and action-packed scenes are waiting to happen in Dragon Ball Super.

Will the Saiyans know that the Heeters are the ones behind this? Will fans see a heated fight between Goku and Granolah?

Find out when the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super drops on June 20.

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