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‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’ celebrates six million sales with major content update


Nearly four years since its release, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has finally reached 6 million total sales. In celebration, Bandai Namco is rolling out a major content update to the game on August 26, 2020, that introduces a new playable character, an extra mission, and a slew of other interesting contents.

New Playable Character

Part of the general interest in playing DBX2 is its long list of unique playable characters. When the new update rolls out, this list is a number longer as it sees the presence of Supreme Time Kai.

Old-time players of DBX2 should already know this character at the start of the game. A presence that will persist throughout the game’s main story campaign, highlighting the figure’s importance in the game. This time around, this said character will also become part of the playable roster.

For an in-game character that comes with the status of a “god,” Supreme Time Kai is bound to be extremely powerful. However, will also probably be balanced with the rest to not overpower most playable characters in-game.

Expanded Techniques List

Making for another exciting element into the game is the expansion of fighting techniques by adding nine into the list. That is nine possible options to either mix with one another or cherry-pick individually to add to the existing combat repertoire.

New Mascots

For players who love the idea of having a mascot following around, the update sees the inclusion of five new ones. They include Chiaotzu, Fat Buu, Fat Gotenks, Puar, and Zeno, essentially making for a refreshing view to the game. Which, depending on how you look at it, is either visually pleasing or downright funny.

New Raid Quests

Gameplay-wise, the latest update also adds in new mission quests, giving veteran players a bit more push to enjoy the game a little longer. Completing raid quest events is significantly fruitful in the coming update, too. This boils down to the condition that such quests to drop items upon completion, rewarding the efforts put into.

Expanded Partners

Following the mentor customization feature that came with the 1.09 update, the latest version adds 10 new characters to collaborate with. In addition, existing models under the partner customization feature are also getting updated models.

Better Online Experience

As for the experience of playing with others globally, the upcoming update will also see tweaking on the online options. An improvement over the existing that will see minor setbacks removed and overall polish employed.

New Hero Colosseum Figures

Lastly, the Hero Colosseum figures will see an expansion of 50 new characters.

Image used courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe/YouTube Screenshot

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