‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai’ to spawn three game titles

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai protagonist, Dai

Popular Dragon Quest manga spin-off, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, is making a comeback, with three future game titles based on it, planned to be in the works.

The notion came from a Livestream by Square Enix via the Japanese magazine, VJump, last May 27, 2020. To the unaware, May 27 celebrates the Dragon Quest franchise’s 34th anniversary since its introduction way back in 1986.

The program is aimed at the Japanese audience, so the entire Livestream is expectedly in pure Japanese language. However, hovering into Famitsu’s website on the topic with a Google translator seems to shed some light on the presentation.

Games to Look Forward To

As per sources, there are three titles slated for development based on the hit Dragon Quest spin-off. One is a mobile title, another is for arcade, and one still a mystery to date.

First in the list is the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – o Daibouken Soul Bond, a mobile title. The source did not tell much of what the game is about. However, other sources tell that the game is scheduled for release sometime in 2021.

The second title in the list is an arcade game titled Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Xross Blade. But unlike the former, this one does not seem to be leaving Japan. But Japanese consumers can expect to experience the game when it releases later in the year.

As an arcade title, it seems that one major aspect of the game is that cards are designed exclusively for it. Based on the image, it’s likely that the card’s position has a way of altering the corresponding character’s behavior in-game.

The last title to come based on the franchise is Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Infinity Strash. Available video footage shows the game to be an action-RPG title. From what is shown, the game is shaping to be an interesting title.

Oddly, though, there is no specific platform to which Infinite Strash will release to at the time of the reveal.

An Anime, As Well

But it seems that it is not just games that are in development based on the franchise. Part of the Livestream also covered the developing anime for the franchise, which is expected for release this Fall.

The Dragon Quest series is prominent in the West for its games. But Japanese audiences also know of the franchise for its manga and anime. It is even considered a big hit, with it being one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s best-sellers.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube

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