‘Dragon Quest XI S’ coming to Xbox Game Pass

Dragon Quest XI S is one of the best JRPGs to launch this console generation. The game had been limited to the Switch before, but now, it’s going to launch to other consoles as well.

Dragon Quest XI S is a definitive edition of Dragon Quest XI, and it comes with a ton of bonuses. The definitive edition was previously available on the Switch only, but now, the new version is going to launch on Xbox Box One and PC via the Game Pass.

Great JRPG coming soon

At the recently concluded Xbox Games Showcase, Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest XI’s definitive edition would launch via the Game Pass this December 4. This enhanced edition of the JRPG comes with a lot of new bonuses that make it worth playing, even for those who have already finished the base game.

What’s in the definitive edition?

Originally launching on the Nintendo Switch, the definitive edition comes packed with new story sequences. To be more specific, the bonus parts tell the story of the hero’s friends. At one point in the game, the hero becomes missing. It was previously untold what happened to his allies until the definitive edition arrived.

The new story sequences add a few hours of game time as well. What’s great about these sequences is that it puts players in the shoes of their allies. It gives more depth to the hero’s friends.

One of the largest additions in Dragon Quest XI S is Tickerton. It’s a new area that lets players explore previous Dragon Quest worlds. It’s an entirely new quest line that will take hours for players to complete. Moreover, the quest line is played fully in 2D.

Speaking of 2D, players can also swap to the old-school Dragon Quest look in the definitive edition. Everything from the overworld to cutscenes will be rendered in classical 2D. It changes the combat somewhat as well as the fights will be in full turn-based fashion.

Additionally, the definitive edition also features a Photo Mode. Players can tinker with this to photograph the game’s amazing world. Lastly, players will also have the option to have Japanese voices via the in-game menu.

Dragon Quest XI S launches for the Xbox One and PC this December 4. It’s one of the best JRPG experiences of the current generation, and players shouldn’t overlook it as it’s a worthy gaming experience.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube

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