‘Dragon Quest XI S’ ships 6 million copies, to appear on other consoles soon

Dragon Quest XI S is arguably one of the most important JRPGs released in recent memory. The Switch version was a cut above the PlayStation 4 version, and it’s good that it’s releasing to other consoles.

The Dragon Quest series is a popular JRPG franchise. The most recent entry, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of the Elusive Agewas the best one yet. According to sales figures, the game performed excellently, and it could become even bigger by the end of the year.

6 million copies sold

Since releasing last year for the Switch, the game has apparently sold 6 million copies. This is only considering the enhanced Switch version and not the 3DS and PlayStation 4 version of the game. Since the enhanced copy is releasing for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this December, the sales could become even higher.

What is the enhanced edition?

The base version of Dragon Quest XI was already a long and amazing game. It was expanded upon heavily in the enhanced version. The previously Switch exclusive version was even worth playing even for those who played the original version of the game.

Dragon Quest XI S introduces an assortment of story and gameplay elements that players can dive into.

Regarding the story, the game includes a rather lengthy section that takes place after the main character disappears. Basically, it will let players see what happens to the hero’s allies when he disappeared. This was not present in the original game, and it patches up the holes in the original story.

There’s also a new area called Tockington. This place includes portals to previous worlds from Dragon Quest. This will allow players to enjoy a new questline featuring the characters from the previous games. Of course, there will be some amazing challenges along the way too.

On top of all this, players can turn the game into the classic Dragon Quest style with the new 2D mode. This not only changes the game’s look, but it also changes the combat system and reverts it to what fans of the original have played.

Those who’ve yet to play Dragon Quest XI S should grab the game when it launches this Dec. 4. Even those who’ve played the base version should grab the new one as there’s enough content to warrant another playthrough. There’s only a few weeks more to wait before we get to see this game in other consoles too.

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