Drew Barry can’t move on from ex-husband Will Kopelman: Rumor

Drew Barry can't move on from ex-husband Will Kopelman: Rumor

Drew Barrymore can’t, allegedly, move on from her ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

According to OK! magazine, Barrymore can’t stop herself from gushing over Kopelman. And they immediately assumed that this is because the actress still hasn’t gotten over him.

“Drew gushes about how thrilled she is for him, and it’s true. She wants him to be happy but the fact is, she’s never gotten over the divorce,” the source said.

Drew Barrymore hurt over Will Kopelman’s engagement

The source also claimed that Barrymore had mixed feelings when she learned that Kopelman got engaged to Vogue fashion editor Alexandra Michler earlier this year.

“It’s bittersweet for Drew because she keeps replaying the good times in her head and starts regretting giving up on their relationship,” the source said.

But even though Barrymore is single, she doesn’t, allegedly, want to go out on dates again.

“Drew doesn’t want to date again because she thinks she’ll never find anyone like Will. Her friends would love to see her happy and fulfilled, but that’s not going to happen until she can let him go,” the source said.

Drew Barrymore rekindling romance with Fabrizio Moretti

Drew Barrymore rekindling romance with Fabrizio Moretti

However, the tabloid’s recent claims about the actress are very different from last week’s rumors surrounding Drew Barrymore.

New Idea claimed that 50 First Dates actress is trying to get back together with her other ex, Fabrizio Moretti.

A source claimed that after checking in on Moretti, Barrymore immediately noticed that they still have some spark. As such, they are now thinking about getting back together.

“She’s been checking up on a lot of friends this past year. And she and Fabrizio still have that spark. They talked for hours and still are. There’s no doubt they’re getting close and romance is on the cards,” the source said.

And while the actress isn’t allegedly in a rush to settle down, she can’t help consider starting a life with Moretti.

“But Fabrizio always knew how to make her weak at the knees. He’s always adored Drew and didn’t want to split, so he’ll be doing his best to win her back,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Drew Barrymore is single, and she doesn’t have any plans to get back together with her exes.

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