Drew Barrymore appreciates every job after being blacklisted at 12

Drew Barrymore appreciates every job after being blacklisted at 12

Drew Barrymore catapulted to fame at a very young age and was blacklisted at 12. The experience made her appreciate every job she has.

Drew Barrymore is among the Hollywood royalty. She has been in the spotlight since age four but had earned a “party girl” and “damaged goods” reputation during her teenage years. The hard experienced taught her to appreciate her jobs.

Drew Barrymore looked back at how lucky she was

Drew Barrymore became a household name at the age of 7 when she starred in 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. But she had been in the industry since she was four years old.

However, in her teenage years, she was branded as a party girl. In fact, she was blacklisted at 12.

Looking back at her experience after earning her own show, Barrymore, herself, couldn’t believe it. In fact, she considered herself lucky.

“I don’t know how I ended up here but I will never lose sight of how lucky I am,” she said as quoted by Daily Mail.

“Being blacklisted at 12, I appreciate every job I have.”

Drew as a ‘wild child’

Drew Barrymore earned the “wild child” moniker because she was addicted to cocaine and marijuana at a premature age. Looking back, the Charlie’s Angels star embraced her past by not denying it.

“‘I know what it’s like to lose and work for things and be so lucky and have the opportunities I have and everything in between. I don’t think there’s much to hide at this point,’ the actress and producer reflected,” Barrymore said.

Barrymore’s mom was forced to send her to a mental institution. Later when she was legally emancipated from her mom, Barrymore decided to start all over. Decades later, she is now one of the actresses with a success story to share with her audience.

Again, Barrymore expressed her gratitude the things still ended well for her.

“I’m honored anyone will come on the show. I’m not an assuming person. I’ve been in this industry my whole life but I’m just as excited to be around people of note as anyone would be,” she added.

Although Barrymore chose to live a cleaner life, she still makes mistakes from time to time. In fact, she was so sorry for her drunken interview with Andy Cohen two years ago. She apologized to Cohen for her behavior at the time.

Barrymore’s new show

The Drew Barrymore Show debuted in September. Her Charlie’s Angels co-stars and real-life friends Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu appeared on the premiere episode. Her ex-husband Tom Green also appeared on her show.

Barrymore was emotional during his guesting because they never spoke in the past 15 years. Green was very happy about Barrymore’s new show.


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