Drew Barrymore sets high standard for talk show, got emotional premiere

Drew Barrymore sets high standard for talk show, got emotional premiere

Drew Barrymore is setting a high standard for herself as she joins the world of daytime talk show and got an emotional premiere episode.

Drew Barrymore has her own daytime talk show and she is ready to give her best. In fact, she has two prominent TV hosts in mind that she wants to emulate in her new venture.

Drew Barrymore wants to be like these TV hosts

Drew Barrymore grew up in the spotlight. However, she spends the majority of those years as an actress, so hosting a show is something new for her.

But there are two TV personalities that inspires her how to do her hosting job. The Santa Clarita Diet star said she wants to be like David Letterman and Howard Stern

Letterman has a show entitled Late Show with David Letterman on CBS since 1982. He has been hosting for over three decades already.

Meanwhile, Stern is an American radio, TV personality and author. He is popularly known for his radio show, The Howard Stern Show.

Bill Caroll, a veteran TV consultant and expert, approved of Barrymore’s approach. In fact, he is impressed that she is shooting high.

“It’s good to look at modeling yourself after someone who is an unconventional interviewer,” he said per The Star. “Both of these men turned out to be excellent but unconventional in the way they approach things.”

Drew had an emotional premiere

Drew Barrymore sounded so happy and excited when her show The Drew Barrymore Show or Drew debuted on Monday. In fact, she delivered her opening monologue with enthusiasm and energy.

“It’s Monday! My favorite day! ‘Cause we’re here to rebrand Mondays! Boy did they get the short end of the deal,” the new host said.

“We love Mondays around here because after obsessing over the weekend over all the things you need to do, I say MONDAYS is the day to get ‘er done and look ahead to all the great things that you can do this week!”

In her introduction, she also mentioned that she and her audience will learn, laugh, cry, cool and heal together.

For the inaugural episode, she introduced the new segment Drew’s News and revealed the backyard makeover she did for the Copening family. Barrymore also reunited with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

She got emotional during the segment with Liu and Diaz while she discussed their friendship. The trio starred in two Charlie’s Angels movies and have since maintained their tight bond.

“I’m gonna be thinking tonight in my bed, wondering how I got so lucky to, like, live a life with you guys,” the host told the two.

She ended the segment by telling the audience that the show will celebrate a lot of things including friendship.


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