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Drew Barrymore shades Ellen DeGeneres years after comedian called her ‘fat’: Rumor


Drew Barrymore recently returned to her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. And there are claims that she seemingly threw shade at Ellen DeGeneres.

During the premiere episode, Drew Barrymore talked about the restrictions onset due to COVID-19. She said that it’s quite sad not to have the studio audience in front of her.

Drew Barrymore treats her staff and crew like family

The 50 First Dates star also referenced the staff and crew of The Drew Barrymore Show and said that she loves it when they get involved.

“I really talk to our crew like they’re our audience. And I want life and cacophony and noise and energy in and around the show. I tell them, ‘Please join in, be loud, say something if you want, laugh if you want. This is not a hushed set,’” she said.

Drew Barrymore friendlier towards her staff compared to Ellen DeGeneres

A source told New Idea that Barrymore also has a wonderful relationship with the staff and crew.

“Drew is wonderful to work for and she, like everyone else in Hollywood, was appalled at what people have been saying about Ellen for months now. She wanted to make it clear from the get-go that she is not cut from the same cloth,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres wanted to control actress’s show

While Drew Barrymore did not mention DeGeneres’ name during the premiere, the tabloid suggested that this was her way of throwing shade at the comedian. After all, DeGeneres received a slew of complaints last summer.

There are also rumors suggesting that Barrymore and DeGeneres had a falling out after they worked together on First Dates. The source revealed that the A-listers couldn’t agree on the creative direction of the program.

“Drew wanted more to say on how it was done given she was the face of it all. Ellen was a total control freak and wouldn’t hear of it. It was never going to work between them,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres called Barrymore ‘fat’

The rift between Barrymore and DeGeneres, allegedly, dates to 2014 when the latter called the actress “fat.” A source said that Barrymore laughed the remark off. But she also, allegedly, agrees with those that called Portia de Rossi’s wife a bully.

“This has been the worst year on record for Ellen. She knows she has a lot of work to do to drag her reputation – and her show – back from the brink, especially now that she has fierce competition in Drew,” the source said.

Does Drew have more celebrity friends than Ellen?

Another source told Woman’s Day that Barrymore has more famous celebrities on her phone that DeGeneres. After all, no celebrity, allegedly, wants to guest in Ellen Show.

“The thing that makes any chat show are the guests, and Drew has way more famous pals in her phone than Ellen – and all of them are close personal friends. With all the problems facing Ellen, TV viewers are ready for someone new. Ellen must be hoping Drew Barrymore gets bored with doing it, but it’s not looking likely,” the source said.

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