Driving horror game ‘Beware’ starts with spooky cars and trucks

Beware is one such horror game where the spook comes through trucks and cars.

Indie horror games are always a banger when it comes to spooking players. The last few releases in the horror genre have focused more on the survival action part rather than choosing a graphic representation of human trauma. And one such game is Beware.

What is this game all about?

Indie games have made it huge into the market because of the potentiality they have and the prime factor through which they can be a leading or be capable of being at the top with the Big House releases.

Tracing back to the history of humans, we all know that cars have not been much around for a pretty long time. But there is still a primal fear when someone glances their way through the rearview mirror and can see a pair of headlights chasing them.

Cut to the track of Fast and Furious; we can already see where this is going.

How is the story of this game organized?

But no, let us halt because this is a horror game made by an indie developer, and this will be the basic depiction of human trauma portrayed with the sense of action and cutthroat suspense. There are gloomy eyes of the predator in the dark who is lurking around and might pounce on the player anytime the chance comes.

There are some spooky rides that this Beware game has planned for everyone. A new trailer for the game shows some cool features and additional maps that can be included in the several regions set.

One most common spot is located in the East of the region where the action takes place. If players want to have a look, they can do the same with the help of the trailer.

Are there going to be new maps to the game?

Developers have said that they are working on containing office towers and even parking garages. The game’s main aim is to create an unwillingness in the player so that they do not understand what might wait for them in the dark.

There is even a piece of news that players might not know what is there in the car and who is chasing them, so there is a huge question of uncertainty in the entire game altogether.

Players can support the artists of this independent game by joining their Patron and contributing more towards the arts and graphics.


Image courtesy of IGP/YouTube

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