Dry ice and its efficient impact in fighting against COVID-19

Dry ice is a form of solid Carbon Dioxide. It can transform a solid block directly into the gaseous form by skipping the liquid state entirely.

Dry ice’s surface temperature is about -78.5 degrees Celsius. It is available in a solid form, and it doesn’t melt, so it’s an excellent choice for the transportation of food and medicines.

What is dry ice?

We can use dry ice as a refrigerant due to its shallow surface temperature. We have to handle it very carefully; otherwise, it can have many health risks.

One should never touch it directly because it can burn the skin like frostbite. Always wear insulated clothing and gloves to avoid direct contact with the dry ice.

These days it has become the center of conversation for many news channels due to its property of low surface temperature of about -78.5 degrees Celsius.

These days we are going through a pandemic due to the spread of the Coronavirus all over the world.

Why is it in great demand?

The vaccine, which is developed by many companies to eliminate the virus, must be stored at a very low temperature of about -70 degrees Celsius to maintain its efficacy.

Dry ice will play a vital role in maintaining the correct temperature for the transportation of vaccines such as Pfizer all over the world.

The UK already approved the Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate its citizens due to its excellent efficacy for all age groups.

The Moderna vaccine should be placed between the two to eight degrees Celsius temperature range for their incredible results.

So the dry ice plays a crucial role in the transportation of these vaccines to different countries.

Will it be able to help?

Pfizer and their partner BioNTech have confirmed that they can produce 50 million doses this year and 1.3 billion doses up to the end of next year.

The company announced that after transportation, people could store its vaccine at the temperature range between two to eight degrees Celsius for up to five days, similar to Moderna’s vaccine.

Pfizer and Moderna have the proper distribution plan along with close management of vaccines and the supply chain for all the countries.

Currently, Coronavirus is probing a significant threat to humans. Day by day, the condition is worsening. Recently, the United States reported 14.8 million recorded cases.

The virus is so dangerous.

Every day, doctors fight against this Novel Coronavirus like fighters but get disheartened, looking at the surge in hospitalized patients.

Image courtesy of H_Ko/Shutterstock

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