Dua Lipa ‘hilariously’ interviewed elderly folks about herself, her music

Many elderly individuals did not know who Dua Lipa was.

Dua Lipa is one of today’s famous artists. Many individuals, especially from the younger generation, have continued to praise and adore her and her music.

However, her fame has not seemingly reached the elderly audience. This became evident when she interviewed a few senior citizens via video chat, where she asked them about herself and her music.

Dua Lipa appeared as a guest host

Earlier this week, Dua Lipa made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a guest host. She had a brief monologue on the episode, where she talked about several things, including her previous prank on Jimmy Kimmel.

The artist, then, discussed a few things about herself. She clarified that “Dua Lipa” is her real name as many people have continued to ask her about it.

Aside from sharing information about herself, the Don’t Start Now singer also talked about her tattoos and the stories behind each of them. Later on, she featured a video of herself for the “Who-A-Lipa?” segment, where she interviewed the elderly individuals.

She pretended to conduct surveys about pop music

Before showing the video, Dua Lipa said that most of her fans are “young.” But, she asserted that she is always trying to reach a “wider audience.”

She pretended to conduct surveys about pop music

This, then, led her to do the “hilarious” interview with some seniors, the New York Post reiterated. The singer, reportedly, told the participants that she was conducting a survey but left out one important detail. She did not tell them who she was.

In the video, she started asking the participants whether they know who Dua Lipa is. No one from elders knew her nor the name. Some even misheard her and asked whether she is referring to “Dua Mita” or “The Doobie Brothers.”

Following the hilarious responses, the 24-year-old singer played one of her most recent tracks, “Break My Heart,” and asked them for their thoughts about it. While some of the seniors loved the music, others, however, find it unappealing. One of them even said that “she might do well on TikTok.”

She flashed a few photos during the video call

She later on, flashed a few photos of herself. But, no one recognized her until she revealed who she was.

The participants on the video all laughed after learning that she is Dua Lipa. One of the seniors, then, commented that she got herself “this time” since she seemingly deemed Dua’s clothing in the photo as “terrible.”

Dua Lipa remained a “sport” throughout the call, USA Today reported. As seen in the video, the responses of the elderly folks made her smile and laugh.

Images courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube and Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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