DualSense controllers with PS1, PS2 motif found in the wild

PS1-themed DualSense controller

Some unofficial PS1- and PS2-looking DualSense controllers are found lurking the internet for gamers who feel like “re-living” a peculiar experience.

One of yesteryear’s highlights in gaming had been the release of Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. A major upgrade from the console that came before, it also comes with a brand-new controller with its own design and label.

Dubbed the DualSense, it strays from the traditional DualShock branding, which was staple in previous models. Not reinventing the wheel by a lot, the controller shares many similarities from older controller designs, while having distinct elements on its own.

Upon its release, Sony’s latest shiny console came only with a single-color scheme. That is, mostly white, with some black for contrast. It also came true with the DualSense controller in order to share uniformity with the console it pairs with.

To say the least, there is not any variety for consumers to choose from. Inadvertently, giving the impression of monotony among those who are lucky enough to get one. Short stocks due to the pandemic have made the PlayStation 5 such a rare commodity, amid anticipating consumers’ high demand.

Bespoke Schematics

But one seller is trying to change that humdrum as it offers some modded versions of the now current-gen console controller. As reported in TheGamer, Lazamodz has set up a shop to purvey what appears to be unique-looking versions of the PS5 gamepad.

So far, the seller platform is extending several variants for picky gamers to choose from. Ranging from patterns of “superhero,” anime, or video game franchise influence to iconic designs from the past. Two of the blueprints that stick out the most are those that resemble the looks of the PS1 and the PS2.

The PS1-looking version comes with a gray-and-black color and a “PS” button that borrows the color combination of the original logo. Truly a representation that brings back memories from the platform that started it all for Sony.

Similarly, the controller of PS2 motif sports a full black hue, much like the PlayStation 2 and its corresponding DualShock 2 controller did. Just a different imagery, but which comes with its own recollections from one of gaming history’s greatest highlights.


More than just a repaint, some of the available designs feature elements that require precise artistic capability. This subsequently causes a constraint in the number of stocks, as well as affects the pricing. Coming off in varying price tags, it starts at $118.

As of writing, the PS1-inspired controller, which sells for $164, is currently out of stock.

Image used courtesy of LazaModz/YouTube Screenshot

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