Dwayne Johnson receives mixed responses after endorsing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Dwayne Johnson receives mixed responses after endorsing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Dwayne Johnson has publicly endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and the netizens have mixed responses regarding his move.

Dwayne Johnson is a self-confessed political independent and centrist. He has supported both Republican and Democratic candidates. For the upcoming election, he is supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Dwayne Johnson endorsed Biden-Harris

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock took to social media to express his support for Biden and Harris. The Fast and Furious star praised Biden’s incredible career, heart, drive and soul.

He also acknowledged senator Harris as a smart and tough district and state attorney. Johnson said he saw her in those hearing and found her “certified bada–.”

” I do feel that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the best choice to lead our country, and I am endorsing them to become President, and Vice President, of our United States,” Johnson said.

Netizens react to Johnson’s call

Several netizens reacted to Dwayne Johnson’s post because he has millions of followers. However, not of them share his opinions.

Many approved of his decision to support Biden and Harris. However, many also disagreed because they are happy with President Donald Trump, and they want to give the incumbent president four more years in the White House.

One suggested that celebrities should stay out of politics implying that The Rock should not have aired his opinion. But another disagreed and stressed that celebrities are just like other voters and their occupation in front of the cameras doesn’t make them less entitled to their opinion.

A different user showed his support to Johnson by saying that he voted Trump in 2016. But this time, he is voting for Biden and Harris. The same netizen also thanked The Rock for endorsing the candidates.

The same netizen added in another tweet that it’s okay to change minds. She added that this election is too important for him to keep quiet about his journey.

Trump supporters disappointed

Meanwhile, more seemed unhappy with Dwayne Johnson’s decision to back Biden. In fact, many said they would unfollow and would not support The Rock after the endorsement.

One commented, saying he lost his respect for Dwayne Johnson. The same Twitter user called the actor “disappointing” before adding, “You are much smarter than this.”

“Thank you. I will add your name to my list of ppl never to support again. Appreciate you posting this,” one commented.

“So you are endorsing a career politician with a massive history of corruption. Real smart,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, others speculated that Johnson was blackmailed into doing the endorsement.


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