‘DWTS’ judges save Carole Baskin for the wrong reason, fans say

Carole Baskin gets control of 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic's zoo

Fans of the hit reality dance show Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) are convinced that judges are saving Carole Baskin for the wrong reason.

Tiger King star Carole Baskin has survived the first round of elimination of DWTS after judges kept her in the running.

Now, fans believe that she’s only there because they needed more people to tune in to the show.

Carole Baskin on “DWTS”

The tiger rescuer has been a controversial addition to this season’s DWTS roster. Her appearance divides attention. However, many people tune in to the show to see how she dances.

Last week, she finished bottom with her professional dancer, Pasha Pashkhov, as Carole danced to Eye of the Tiger.

Channeling her inner Beyonce this week, Carole danced to Tom Jones’ hit song, What’s New Pussycat, with much-improved performance.

Though she finished in the bottom to once again, judges had to decide who they wanted to save.

When Derek Hough cast his vote and chose Carole Baskin, people on Twitter were furious.

“DWTS” fans think Carole is on the show to increase ratings

@NicTheEditor stated on Twitter, “Because if Skai hadn’t been safe, it was going to be a problem #DWTS. Carole, though? CAROLE? They saved her for ratings.”

@tmin_2 exclaimed, “What a joke. We see what you are doing, keeping Carole for the ratings.”

One person blamed Tyra Banks, who joined the show as host this year, saying she didn’t help increase DWTS’ ratings.

DWTS shocker (not)! You knew Carole f’in Baskin would be saved. @ABCNetwork needs her for the ratings. Tyra certainly isn’t helping.”

Some are already annoyed that they have to endure watching Carole dancing to “all these songs involving some kind of cat in the title,” @hearasnicole said.

However, there are still fans who want to see Carole on the show for creativity purposes.

“I hope Carole Baskin stays on #DWTS just to see what other cat-inspired sets the producers come up with.”

Disney week is happening on DWTS next time, and viewers are already expecting Carole Baskin to hit the dance floor with a Lion King song.

Carole Baskin sued for defamation

Carole has been participating in the jokes about the disappearance of her former husband, Don Lewis, on the show.

Now, Don’s family is taking her to court for defamation, claiming that his disappearance is no laughing matter.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Anne McQueen, Don’s former assistant, claims Carole was laughing around to the jokes made about Don on Dancing With the Stars.

Anne insists that Carole should have spoken out against the jokes. It added that the former Mrs. Lewis should’ve put her foot down when a judge said she “didn’t quite kill the Paso double, it was kind of sedated.”

Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube screenshot

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