‘Dying Light 2’ AMA video reveals new details about this game

Dying Light 2 developers Techland have released a second AMA video which is detailed with information.

The Dying Light 2 developer Techland has shared a ton of details regarding the new video game, which will be released soon. A second AMA video dedicated to answering all the questions about the upcoming game has shown many details regarding how the new game will look like.

This video highlights a number of additional details in various areas, including what will be there and how players can now concentrate more on the characters, story and open-world events, and various other factions that surround Dying Light 2.

Will the game have the same characters?

Techland has officially confirmed that there will be no returning of characters from the first time as this new addition is focusing on something new and different from the series.

Dying Light 2 takes place 15 years after the original game was released and is not dependent on the players as being familiar with the first Dying Light series. This decision makes perfect sense coming from the developers of the game.

Apart from the rest, however, the two games still occur in the same world, and players have to check for the little tweaks done in Dying Light 2 apart from the original game.

The Dying Light cast may not return in the flesh anymore, but the protagonist who is Kyle Crane, will still be mentioned, and his decisions will affect how Dying Light 2 is played out.

New places for all the players to explore

The Global Relief Effort will be a part of the new game, mostly in free-roaming events for players. Developers have said that there will be a lot of free events for players to concentrate on.

An associate producer who is Julia Szynkaruk, has said that they have stated that there will be far more open world events in Dying Light 2 than there were in the first game. This will help players grab a chance on the various opportunities that comes from the open-world events too.

Players in the new game will explore all the brand new locations that are being added on the map as a chance for them to find out whatever lies in the unknown.

This means that there will be further new locations added, such as the GRE Quarantines and Dark Places, each of which will have and contain more random events and dynamic encounters for every player.


Image courtesy of Catozoir/YouTube

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