‘Dying Light 2’ new gameplay looks exciting and scary!

Techland just revealed yet another new look at its open-world, first-person title Dying Light 2. Well, there’s a change in its name now.

Apart from the open-world gameplay of Dying Light 2, the reveal also shared the official release date.

And it will be specifically called Dying Light 2: Stay Human, as per the developers.

‘Dying Light 2’: What to expect?

In the seven minutes of its exclusive gameplay footage, Techland showed many features and NPC aspects of the storyline.

The video showed multiple enemy types, factions, choices, and their relevance in the plot. And the atmosphere in Dying Light 2, like its previous trailers, looks great and scary.

The early minutes of the clip gave an idea about the main campaign. They also revealed the protagonist Aiden Caldwell.

He’s trying to “unravel a tangled mystery from his past.”

But he sees himself arriving in The City while encountering blood-thirsty, undead people and other deadly factions as well.

Players like Aiden will have to meet and align with some of the factions to achieve various goals and objectives. And trust is the big key.

The groups include militaristic, law-and-order focused Peacekeepers and the Renegades. A section of veteran survivors is also there, known as Nightrunners.

The main character can either assist these groups or make them his enemies because the game is an open-world adventure which means that anything you do can change the overall consequences at the end.

And yes, there will be several not-so-friendly people as well, such as bandits, outlaws, and thugs.

The sequel will focus a lot on parkour-based combat, similar to the first part. Stealth will also play a big role during sequences involving hiding and taking down enemies from behind.

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New video games in 2021

Meanwhile, there are multiple other fresh releases also coming soon in this calendar.

And die-hard gamers will have a great time figuring out the best option from a list of many heavyweights.

Some of the most-awaited potential blockbusters include Halo Infinite, STALKER 2, Deathloop, and Stray.

Horizon Forbidden West, a new Call of Duty entry, New World, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Humankind are also anticipated.

However, that’s not everything. There’s more!

The big line-up extends further with Psychonauts 2, Cyber Shadow, and Shadow Warrior 3.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, No More Heroes 3, and Little Devil Inside are other crucial launches.

Coming back to Dying Light 2, again, it will launch later this year on December 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


Image courtesy of theRadBrad/YouTube

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