‘Dying Light 2’ will have no guns except a shotgun, says dev AMA


New details come out of Dying Light 2, as there seems to be a weird development. In a game where players can’t wield guns, a shotgun can be at their disposal.

Dying Light 2 is the upcoming sequel to the hit-zombie survival title, Dying Light. One of the pillars for the game is its superb melee combat, but the sequel would seem to break this. While guns won’t be in the sequel, a shotgun will be.

Dying Light franchise doubles down on their melee system

One of the pinnacle gameplay loops in Dying Light is the ability to craft melee weapons. Unlike most zombie survival games that rely on firearms and ranged weapons, the game focuses on melee fights. The game is also superbly good at it.

The melee system is one of the most refined among FPS titles out there. It’s both smooth and fun, especially when combined with the superior parkour of the game.

Harran’s zombies are devilishly hard, and players would need to cobble whatever melee object they can make. Players settle for cricket bats, pipes, machetes, and more. There are also throwing weapons, but they are few and far in-between.

In the upcoming sequel, the devs are dialing up on this system. Guns won’t be available at all, except for what seems to be a rudimentary shotgun.

Techland lead game designer answers a few questions in AMA

In a Youtube AMA, lead game designer Tymon Smektala answered a few fan questions. Among the questions was the reason for the lack of firearms.

In Dying Light 2, guns won’t be available at all. Smektala explains that, a few years after the events of the first game, mass-produced firearms are not available at all. Players won’t find any guns, unlike the latter half of the first Dying Light.

Players can still craft weapons and, ironically, can craft several ranged weapons too. Among the craftable weapons, Smektala describes, is a shotgun that has very low durability. The closest thing players can use regularly is a bow and arrow.

The action sequel will also have a grappling hook that will let players move around Harran with ease. Smektala claims that it will be a fun to use gadget, but it won’t be like Spider-Man. Players will feel the weight of the movements, and it’s usable in combat.

So far, there’s still so much that is a mystery about the upcoming Dying Light sequel. After an indefinite delay, Techland devs are talking about Dying Light 2 again. There’s likely more upcoming news in the weeks to come.

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