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‘Dying Light’ gets new DLC 5 years after release


Dying Light is one of the best zombie games out there. It launched way back in 2015, but surprisingly, developer Techland isn’t done with the content for the game even though it’s already working on a sequel.

In a surprise announcement, Techland revealed a trailer for a new Dying Light DLC called Hellraid. This is all while the highly anticipated Dying Light 2 is still being worked on by the developer. What do we know about this creepy new DLC?

What is ‘Hellraid?’

Dying Light is a solid zombie game through and through, but the Hellraid content seems like something pulled out of DOOM. The trailer starts off with the player walking through a corridor, which suddenly turns into a shade of red. Then, runes appear on the wall, further hinting at a devilish theme for the upcoming DLC.

The game has had two DLCs already, which is the Bozak Horde and The Following. The first one puts players in a series of intense challenges while facing hordes of the undead. The Following, on the other hand, has cult themes all over, but in the end, it’s still featured, zombies.

Hellraid looks as if the players will be facing off against demon hordes instead of zombie hordes, which will be a complete step away from what players have been used to. Not much is known about this new DLC yet, but the trailer does note that it will launch this summer.

As for pricing, fans can expect this to be paid DLC. The Following costs $20 while Bozak Horde costs $10. The price is worth it, though, as both DLCs offer a lot of content.

What is the game about?

Techland’s take on the zombie genre is its magnum opus. Although the game did lack a lot in terms of storytelling, what it had for gameplay was astonishing, to say the least.

The game had a deep focus on melee combat as well as mobility through parkour. All of this was seen through first-person, making zombie chases far more exciting. The success of the first game has kickstarted Techland to create a sequel.

We’ve yet to know when the sequel will release, but Techland did have a gameplay trailer for it already. Aside from improved graphics, the sequel will also have better combat and parkour mechanics. The focus of the developers this time around was to make the game feel more fluid.

It’s a surprise that Dying Light is getting a sequel after five years, but with a developer as devoted as Techland, fans shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Image used courtesy of Techland/Twitter

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