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‘Dynasty’ season 4 confirmed, installment centers on Blake, Adam, Jeff, Fallon


Dynasty season 4 confirmed recently to return to CW. Hence, showrunner Josh Reims hints new beginnings and an anticipated battle between Blake and Jeff Colby.

Dynasty season 3 was obviously cut short due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The series was supposedly building on Fallon and Liam’s wedding, however, the production team was not able to finish the filming. As a result, the showrunners had to go around the storyline for season 4.

The previous season revealed several important plots that have the viewers clamoring for season 4. Dynasty season 3 ended with cliffhanger episodes, however, the drama will continue as the series is heading for its fourth season.

CW renewed Dynasty season 4

The confirmation came from the series’ main cast, Grant Show who plays ruthless billionaire, Blake Carrington. Grant took to Twitter the announcement and fans are now relieved. The actor did not disclose any update on the filming due to the temporary shut down of the industry.

The cast and crew will have to wait until the lockdown is lifted to film again. In an interview with Elizabeth Gillies who plays Fallon Carrington, she explained that the filming from home is not an option. She jokingly said,

“Sounds horrible. Dynasty? You think all of our houses look like the Dynasty set? They don’t, they don’t look like that. I’m wearing matching sweatpants right now.”

Dynasty season 4 plot

Showrunner Reims teases fans of the possible direction of Dynasty season 4. Blake Carrington will finally go war with Adam and Jeff Colby. Since the debut of Dynasty season 2, the Carrington family welcomed the new member of the family, Adam Carrington.

Adam’s character is motivated by revenge, jealousy, and hate. He becomes Fallon’s worst enemy in season 2. In season 3, Anders uncovered Adam’s questionable past. He learned that Adam burned Alexis’ face. Season 4 will definitely put Adam in the spotlight.

Dynasty season 4 will definitely see Blake going to war with his son and at the same time, with his business enemy, Jeff Colby. Reims said:

“Blake was going to finally go to war with Alexis, Jeff, and Adam; Fallon and Liam were going to have their wedding; and we were setting Sam up to have a new relationship. So in that way, this sort of felt like a season finale, just not as big as a normal one would be.”

Although there is no clear information on how will Blake takes down both Adam and Jeff, Reims has already written the script for next season.

In the last season, Fallon was hoping to give Liam the perfect wedding. However, the wedding did not take place. Fortunately, Reims makes a promise that Liam and Fallon will definitely wed.

Will Netflix release the fourth season of Dynasty?

For the past three seasons now, Netflix has always renewed the series. However, CW ended its contract with Netflix last year. It does not mean that Netflix will not be able to air the series.

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