‘Dynasty’ season 4 confirmed; Fallon, Liam’s wedding will finally happen


Dynasty season 4 is heading back to CW after season 3 ended unexpectedly. However, fans and followers of the series are wondering if the next installment will also land on Netflix.

It’s been months since Dynasty season 3 debuted on CW. Fans are now waiting patiently for season 4 update. However, CW network and the showrunners are mum on the possible release date. 

Dynasty season 3 recap

The previous season revealed so many twists and turns. For one, Fallon and Liam are finally engaged, which means a wedding will happen soon.  On the other hand, Blake learned about Jeff Colby’s incurable disease. To make matters worse, he used it to blackmail Jeff to get Antlantix back. 

After being shoved away from the manor, Adam tied up with Alexis and Jeff to ensure Blake’s downfall and demise. It appears that Adam no longer wants to be an ally to Blake.

Furthermore, Cristal learned that Alexis killed her unborn child and her ex-lover. She, then, hired an assassin to kill Alexis without consulting Blake, but Cristal’s attempt to kill Alexis was unsuccessful.

One of the biggest twists in season 3 was when Anders found out about Adam’s sketchy past. Anders also learned that Adam was the one who pushed Alexis into the fire. Thus, this will be a big revelation in Dynasty season 4.

What will happen in Dynasty season 4

Showrunner Josh Reims revealed a glimpse of what might happen inside the Carrington manor in season 4. Although the series is full of betrayal, deceit, and family feud, the next season will highlight the biggest wedding in the Carrington estate.

Reims unveiled that Liam and Fallon’s wedding will eventually happen. Hopefully, the wedding will go on without any disruption. In addition, Reims revealed that the series would give the audience the thrill of seeing Liam and Fallon walk the aisle. 

According to Reims:

“I think we have to. Because we’ve been building up to this wedding for so long, we’d be cheating the audience if [we didn’t give it to them]. So I’ve been toying with the idea of seeing if maybe we can do a few things before those two episodes at the beginning of next season, but either way, it feels like that’s where we’re headed.”

Dynasty season 4’s renewal on Netflix 

Although Dynasty season 4 will return to CW, there is no confirmation yet on its renewal on Netflix. The CW network ended its contract with the streaming giant last year.

It means that all titles will have to be purchased individually. Despite that, the series is very popular on Netflix, so there’s no reason not to renew it.

Image Courtesy of Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

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