‘Dynasty’ season 4 officially renewed on CW, Netflix release still bleak

After a much successful season 3 of the popular drama series, Dynasty season 4 is officially renewed on CW. However, Netflix’s release is still bleak.

Dynasty season 3 made its recent comeback on Netflix last week after the series concluded on CW. The series follows the wealthy Carrington family as they delve into deeper trouble just to stay on top of their game.

Throughout the three seasons, the business family tycoon always comes out victorious. Now on its fourth season, the Carringtons will return with more family drama, heartaches, and rivalry.

Grant Show announced Dynasty season 4 return

Grant Show who plays the ruthless billionaire, Blake Carrington announced on Twitter the renewal of the series. However, the actor did not mention if the production team has started shooting the series, or when would be the release date.

It’s still too early to tell since most of the productions have been temporarily suspended due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.  However, fans are now clamoring for updates on Dynasty season 4.

The renewal of the series did not come as a surprise because of its positive viewership ratings. Hence, fans might continue to enjoy Dynasty for more seasons. Even though it is a reboot from the original series of the same name, it did not disappoint the fans, old and new.

When is the release date of Dynasty season 4

With the ongoing pandemic, most of CW’s renewed shows are confirmed to return next year. Hence, there is a big possibility that Dynasty season 4 will likely return next year too.

Dynasty season 4 plot

In an interview, Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Fallon Carrington further verified the renewal status of the series. She also talked about season 3 that had to be cut short because of the crisis.  She said,

“They made the decision quickly, I think it had to be made over the network, or the studio, or whatever, and they had to tell us. It was right in the middle of our last day of episode 20, but it’s a 22 episode season, so there is no finale at this juncture, and there is no episode before the finale.”

It appears that season 4 plot is still bleak. However, fans have already theorized on what could possibly happen in the next season. Gillies then added,

“It ends in a very weird place. I don’t know what that means for Netflix or for anything, but I know we’re not the only show experiencing this. I don’t know if we’ll pick up the finale later, I’m not sure what the plan is. It certainly shouldn’t end on the episode we finished, because it’s just really random and nothing’s resolved. I apologize if it does.”

Will Dynasty season 4 arrives on Netflix?

For the past three seasons now, Netflix has always renewed the series. Usually, Netflix will air CW series days or weeks after the series concluded on CW. However, it might take longer for the series to drop on Netflix because CW ended its contract with Netflix last year. This means that all titles will have to be purchased individually.

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