E3 2020 cancellation sparks June 6 games celebration


As E3 2020 is never coming, several other gaming-related companies decided to take June 6 as their own.

During this time, at least four major gaming events will happen simultaneously for the fans. E3 2020 should have been the event where game companies showed their wares.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, organizers have no choice but to cancel. This incident canceled many mega-events for the industry in various places across the globe. Some of these gaming events include a digital event called Guerrilla Collective.

June 6 festivities spawns four gaming events

Different pundits in the gaming industry decided to designate June 6 for gaming events. During this time, four gaming events will happen at the same time for a digital event.

First, the PC Gamer team will host the PC Gaming Show, which is the gaming news company’s E3 update and showcase show. Without Electronic Entertainment Expo, they’re doing everything on their own.

During the same day, Gamesradar will also do its gaming showcase. This event is the Future Game Show and will show off the biggest in console gaming, mobile gaming, and streaming for the year.

Game developer Paradox Interactive will also have something up their sleeve. The creators of Cities: Skylines and many grand strategy games will work out what they have on their development floor.

There’s also the Guerrilla Collective, a digital event that will work as the E3 2020 for indies. It will feature many offerings from a wide selection of indie titles out there.

“PC gaming has prospered in the last decade because it’s the only gaming platform that belongs to everyone,” said PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti. “Some fantastic new games deserve recognition, and we look forward to making June 6 a day for viewers to experience what’s coming next.”

Guerrilla Collective to show off up to 21 indie publishers

The proceedings will start at 1 PM EST with a Guerrilla Collective Livestream on Twitch. By around 2:30 PM EST, Paradox Interactive will take over and do a showcase. They will give fans a deep dive into their upcoming offerings for the year.

By 3 PM EST, the PC Gaming Show will take over, with Frankie Ward and Sean “Day9” Plott as its host. By 5:30 PM EST, the Future Game Show will start its celebration of everything mobile, console, and streaming for the year.

Up to 21 indie publishers are ready to present their titles for the entire festivities. Many of these teams have created some of the best indie titles of the past years. These titles include This War of Mine, Divinity II, Sniper Elite, and Disco Elysium.

Several key gaming events canceled this year due to COVID-19. Even without E3 2020 due to the pandemic, the gaming industry is doing its best for the fans at home.

Feature image courtesy of Guerilla Collective/Official Twitter

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