E3 2021: Arkane Austin’s ‘Redfall’ makes a debut

Bethesda just showcased a new title during its shared event with Xbox. It will release a new co-op open-world title called Redfall.

During the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Redfall made its debut with a maiden trailer. Players will find themselves going against an army of blood-thirsty vampires.

‘Redfall’: Everything you need to know

It is a co-op open-world first-person shooter from Arkane Austin, the award-winning team behind hits like Dishonored and Prey. You can either play it solo with your squad comprising of up to four players.

The title will see the players going head-to-head against a legion of vampires who have overtaken the island town of Redfall.

You will be able to select your path across the island as you discover how everything happened in the first place.

There will be a massive roster of heroes having unique skills.

Furthermore, you can customize your weapons found throughout the town. You will need to have the best gear to defeat the bloodsuckers in Redfall.

When it comes to the town itself, then it was once a happening place. But then the vampires moved in and destroyed everything. Initially, they eclipsed the Sun. And then they began turning people either into pawns for their army or just-food.

And that’s where you jump in to save the day!

As far as the squad is concerned, then you will have four main characters to choose from. They are Devinder Crousley, Layla Ellison, Remi de la Rosa, and Jacob Boyer.

What and when to expect?

When it comes to the enemies themselves, the vampires won’t be the usual ones you have previously witnessed.

They were created due to a scientific experiment that went wrong. Post transformation, they also developed strong abilities. They became specialized vampires like the Angler.

As shown in the first trailer, Angler uses a psychic harpoon. It drags you away from your team during the combat, thus leaving you prone to danger.

By the way, that’s just one of the many vampire types you will encounter in this game.

Moreover, despite featuring modes like co-op and open-world settings, the game will differ from the previous Arkane titles.

Redfall will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in the summer of 2022. You will be able to play it on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game from Arkane Austin? Are you looking forward to it already?

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Image courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/YouTube

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