EA bringing back fan-favorite ‘Skate’, release might still be far along

EA bringing back fan-favorite 'Skate', release might still be far along

Electronic Arts dropped the bomb during the finale of its EA Play Live 2020 event. However, it appears it’ll be a while before we get to play the game.

The event was about to close when EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele mentioned there’s one last game to reveal and then came Skate Game Director Deran Chung and Creative Director Cuz Parry, who were failing to control their excitement.

EA caught its audience off-guard with the return of Skate news. Unfortunately, the details about the upcoming game comeback are scarce.

Skate came back due to a convincing popular demand

Before Miele handed over the digital stage to the game devs, she emphasized that EA appreciates and acknowledges the feedback of its fanbase community. Parry then went ahead and revealed that “You commented this into existence”—referring to the fans’ unending request to bring Skate back.

“Skate is happening,” Parry officially confirms.

The news was received with great excitement by its avid followers. The Twitterverse, in particular, broke out in enthused rampage. Known developers, celebrities, and skaters were happily expressive with EA’s game bomb drop.

Twitch Streamer Avalanche pointed out this year’s back-to-back game comeback, with the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remaster being announced earlier this year as well. The gaming industry, including the game giant Xbox, also chimed in with the celebration.

Skate‘s history

The skateboarding video game first debuted in 2007. It came out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and mobile phones. The game turned out to be a complete success.

By next year, 2008, a spin-off game was released titled Skate It. It was made available then for Nintendo DS, Wii, and iOS mobile devices. Two installments also took place in the following years to come with Skate 2 and released in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Now, ten years later, EA decided to resurrect the still hyped skateboarding classic.

Launch might still be far ahead

Unfortunately, aside from its imminent come back, the devs didn’t say much about its further details. The gaming community is even calling the next installment Skate 4, in the absence of its official comeback title.

Chung did say that they’ve been “waiting [for] years to make the right game, at the right time, with the right idea.” Initially, this led to premature assumptions that Skate has since been in developments. However, such assumptions were quickly corrected by Chung when he, later on, said, “It’s really, really early for the new Skate game.”

Nevertheless, with the mention of “new,” it might be safe to rule out a possible remaster. Also, based on the games that were announced during the EA Play Live event, only Rocket Arena and Star Wars: Squadrons are releasing this year. Well, aside from the already known details about FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21which was only teased during the event.

Lost in Random and It Takes Two are all set for 2021. Will fans only wait until next year for the upcoming title? Stay tuned for more updates!


Featured image courtesy of Skate/Twitter

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