EA Play is here on Xbox Game Pass for PC

EA Play is here to the Xbox Game Pass as players can now game through their PC and get access to the premium collection.

All the Xbox Game Pass PC and Ultimate members will be given early access to EA Play on PC, which have already started from March 18th.

EA Play has been a part of the Xbox Game Pass for consoles since the start of November 2020. The developers said that the EA Play was going to be available for PC subscribers right from December.

But on the day it was supposed to become accessible by players, Microsoft announced that players wouldn’t be made available to the EA Play until the coming months of 2021.

Whom is the subscription for?

The subscription service will be available for all users at no additional charge. This means that all the Xbox Game Pass PC or Ultimate subscribers don’t have to pay an extra hefty charge for availing of the services.

But there is a catch.

If you want to play a game with the Game Pass once the EA Play is available, players need to have the Xbox App for Windows 10 and even the EA Desktop app installed.

Microsoft has already released a video on how players can install both their PC settings and then start playing.

Playing all the EA Play games at first can be a bit convulsed, but as players progress through, they can understand what is needed to be done. You can select any game you like according to what you like and what fits the best and then actually run it.

Players need to link their Xbox and EA accounts before downloading any game.

What type of games is available on the platform?

Discounted games like Madden 21 and Apex Legends will also be provided to subscribers will be available to the users once it is available. It has been quite the week for the Xbox Game Pass.

After Microsoft acquired Zenimax and it was confirmed by the team, 20 Bethesda titles were bought to the team, and in them, some of the titles involved Dishonoured, Doom, and even Skyrim. 

Players have even learned that the new titles will be exciting as the team is officially working on better releases that will be accommodated throughout the year.

Some of the other games which will be available for EA Play are FIFA 20 and Need for Speed Heat, along with games from Battlefield, Madden NFL, Command & Conquer, and The Sims. Square Enix’s Outriders will be even available for all the Game Pass Ultimate Members on and from April 1st.


Image courtesy of Spencerinspace/YouTube Screenshot

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