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EA showcases current milestones of ‘Star Wars Squadrons’


Since launching last week, EA’s Star Wars Squadrons have been an amazing game, and the space-faring adventure continues to wow players. Has the game been an excellent performer on the part of EA?

Star Wars Squadron is basically a game based on the popular space battles from the film franchise. The game incorporates amazing visuals with even better gameplay. It’s not surprising that players – even those who aren’t Star Wars fans are hooked with the game. EA just revealed the milestones of the game.

A great launch

EA’s new Star Wars game is getting rave reviews so far. From its first week, the game was streamed for a total of 88,900,000 minutes already. The game is action-packed and filled with a ton of references from the franchise. It’s not surprising that people love streaming the title.

That’s not all. Since launching, the game has seen 97,855,884 Capital ships and 599,481,422 Starfighters destroyed. Lastly, players have performed an accumulated 15,970,273 drifts. All these data were just in the first week of the game. It’s impressive, to say the least.

Why fans love it

Fans of the Star Wars franchise are certainly going to love Star Wars Squadrons. The game features most of the iconic spaceships from the franchise. Beyond that, there are a lot of callouts to the franchise via the game’s customization system.

The game’s visuals and presentation are always praised. Since this is a space fighter, EA put in a lot of effort into making sure that the battles feel as authentic as possible. As such, 15% of players have already enjoyed the game in VR.

The combat in the game is smooth. There aren’t any major bugs at launch, and with a steady player base, those with the game don’t have to wait too long to get into a match.

Players have also praised the game’s customization system. Aside from the exterior of their ships, players are also free to customize the insides with various knick-knacks. Of course, the pilots can be customized as well. Overall, there’s not a lot to hate about this new Star Wars game from EA.

The success of Star Wars Squadrons can be seen upon these milestones that it currently has. As the game continues to get more players, we can expect this dogfighter to get more milestones in the future. It’s apparent that the franchise has been getting great games lately.

Image used courtesy of EA Star Wars/YouTube

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