EA to field bots in ‘Battlefield 2042’, up to as many as 64 players


Battlefield 2042 publisher EA confirms that its 128-player matches will have bots in it to fill slots, with as many as 64 bots to be utilized.

Battlefield 2042 is about to push its game to the limits, with as many as 128 player matches running at a time. Even then, EA notes that they will populate matches with AI bots if there aren’t enough players.

2042 will prioritize humans during matchmaking

2042 will be pushing its All-Out Warfare Mode in the near future. This mode will have 128 players battling in a match, which are among the largest battles ever. The mode, as EA notes, is the next-gen version of Conquest and Breakthrough.

In a reply to The Verge, EA confirmed that it will add bots if it can’t get enough players in a match. AI will fill in up to as much as half the total number of total players. All this points to a match with the potential of having 64 bots in total.

According to the devs from DICE, the entire process should be something as expected. For example, the queue will have human players as the priority. Depending on the region, players may never see bots running around during peak times.

Other modes will not even have bots in them, so players can make sure they play other humans in them. Much like any game, all these will depend on the platform, region, and availability.

Bots are a necessary evil in largescale battles

The use of bots for Battlefield 2042 is a questionable decision, especially for gamers. Players are wary of games that fill their matches with bots, as it details a potential lack of users. Considering the other options, this might be the best choice.

The problem comes from the sheer number of simultaneous players expected to play. 128 players in a match is a big risk, and the game should be especially long. Even the lower 64 players on both PS4 and Xbox One still opens matches to risk.

In 2014, EA tried a 6v6 battle in the original Titanfall. The bots at the time were well-below par, resulting to the death of the mode itself. Even then, gaming has come far from that time. The usual battle royale can now fill up to 100 players.

It’s easy to hope that the bots that EA uses are any good. It’s easy to figure out if they are, but the balance is usually off so anyone can wonder. Battlefield 2042 will launch on October 22 this year, so players should have plenty of time.

Featured image courtesy of Battlefield/Youtube Screenshot

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