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Early snapshots of ‘Lord of the Rings’ game bound for PS5, Xbox Series X


Currently in development as a first-generation release of titles for future consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X, an early sight to Lord of the Rings game focused on Gollum is displayed to the public.

Given to the fairly experienced hands of Daedalic Entertainment, the still, untitled game features Gollum as set in Middle-Earth.

The images were showcased by the German games media platform, Gamestar.

In-game Gollum Rendition

The rendered image apparently displays Gollum as slightly reminiscent of his visual depiction as seen in the movies. Most notable of which is his pair of big eyes as well as his balding head, enfeebled body, and strong visage details.

However, the demonstrated depiction of the popular LOTR character appears also to slightly vary from the usual imagery of his.

For one, Gollum’s eye balls had changed in color from the common pale light gray or shiny light blue to simply light brown. Although may be subject to lighting condition, such color transition doesn’t necessarily happen with just having poor lighting.

Other snapshots also give the impression that the Gollum is a poorly rendition of the one found in the movies. Seemingly true when seen in various angles, based on the different photos showed.

However, the disparity, as it appears, mostly boils down to the developer’s interpretation of Gollum from the books. Not the same Gollum which the audiences had seen from the movies. Although certain glaring details are still borrowed from the latter.

The Various Sites at Middle-Earth

Looking further into the other screenshots, a number of images is presented showing various venues in Middle-Earth. Some are just art illustrations while others are likely actual snapshots of the game’s present status.

One picture shows a lush environment as a backdrop with a few spiders seemingly hidden in the detail but is clearly shown at closer inspection. Another image demonstrates a cavern crawling with spiders moving towards an entrance leading to a magma.

The rest are 3D renders of the actual game as set inside or outside a dark cavern where both Middle-Earth’s orcs and beasts dwell.

A Definite Gollum-based Game

The idea that the game revolves around Gollum and nobody else is more than just a rumor, however. Carsten Fichtelmann of Daedalic Entertainment personally confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the game does gravitate to Gollum.

Fichtelmann claims that the game tries to illustrate the world based on Gollum’s perplexed psyche. A typical illustration of the confused creature since having owned the Ring of Power for far too long.

But rather than undermining Gollum’s dual personality, the Daedalic boss expressed having options to choose when faced with conflicting choices in-game. That is, to choose a Smeagol decision over a Gollum decision, or vice versa.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/IGN

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