Earn 60K XP by completing the ‘Fortnite’ Downfall Challenge; Here’s how

Earn 60k XP by completing the Downfall Challenge on Fortnite, here's how

Fortnite Season 4 is secretly bringing back the gnomes for the Week 7 challenge and once again they’re up to no good. This is your chance to earn up to 60K in XP just by clearing this secret challenge.

The gnomes are back on Fortnite but this time around, they no longer care about their hate for teddy bears. For this season, these seemingly harmless beings have something more explosive in store for the secret “Downfall” challenge.

With their return, they’re also opening up doors to players wanting to earn easy experience points. With around 60,000 experience points up for grabs in this challenge, it’s really not something you should just ignore.

How to clear the “Downfall” challenge on Fortnite

The first thing to do is to find the gnome that will trigger the challenge. To do this, players must drop somewhere near the Weeping Woods.

When in the area, look for the Old Shadow base and head inside the basement. There, players will find a gnome amidst scheming while looking at a map. In this map, players would see different markings of various bomb locations.

This incident will trigger the challenge. Just by discovering the gnome, players will earn 20,000 XP.

The next part of the challenge will occur once the player logs in once again. For the next part, players will be tasked to disarm the bombs.

These bombs are located in the following locations: Sweaty Sands, Misty Meadows, Holly Hedges, Craggy Cliffs, and Steamy Stacks. Completing this task will earn players another 20,000 XP.

The last task is fairly simple and it would take players to Lazy Lake. There they would find a gnome reading a newspaper. All they have to do is put down this gnome and another easy 20,000 XP can be earned.

All in all, that is 60,000 easy experience points.

Watch out for Fortnitemares

There are only three weeks left before Halloween and players would once again get to experience Fortnitemares. This is basically one of the most anticipated yearly events in all of Fortnite.

What happens during this event is the usual battle royale last one standing mechanics. However, apart from the players, undead creatures called “husks” will also be roaming the maps and players will be tasked to eliminate them.

Alongside the Fortnitemares, players may also see a familiar character return. Midas who laid devastation back in Chapter 2 and appeared in a recent battle pass could also return for Halloween. With his boss-tier shield and Ghost Henchmen, he would surely spice up Fortnite once again if he ever does make an appearance.


Featured image courtesy of Fortnite/Epic Games 

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