‘EastEnder’ fans are ‘concerned’ about Whitney Dean’s kidnapping plot


Taken as a hostage by the evil Michaela on EastEnders, Whitney Dean is horrified. However, fans spotted a slip-up in the episode scene. 

BBC Studio’s EastEnders is at its chilling peak and fans are outraged! In the recent series’ episode, Whitney Dean (played by Shona McGarty) is anxious about how to escape from Leo King’s mum, Michaela.

Michaela’s hostage

Whitney was taken hostage by Michaela in its recent episode. The poor woman was trapped in her apartment, however, things got worse Michaela heard Whitney’s phone ring. 

The burner phone was given by Max Branning to Whitney in case she might need some help. 

Max thought that Whitney will run away, thus, he gave her a phone he could ring so he can locate her. 

When Whitney’s first phone was taken, she screamed for help as she was about to pick up the phone to Max. But, Michaela smashed it. 

The fans’ reaction

Many fans were puzzled by the fact that Whitney could have called the police right away. Fans thought it could have been easier to dial 999 to the police since the call don’t need any credit. 

A fan wrote on social media and shared she was confused as to if Whitney had the phone the whole time. If she did, the fan said Whitney could have used it to call for help in the first place.

Another fan added and said they could not believe Whitney had an operating burner phone with her the whole time. 

A third person joined in the commotion and wondered if Whitney had a phone with her, why didn’t she use it. 

Many fans are spiraled up to the thought of Whitney not using the phone to call for help. According to them, it could have been easier for her to get rid of Michaela. 

More about the episode

Before the call was ended, Max was able to hear Whitney’s cries. Fans are hopeful that Max will soon find a way to save Whitney from her hostage. 

On the other hand, Whitney felt nauseated when she learned about Michaela and her secrets. In the episode, it showed that Michaela knew Tony King was a pedophile the whole time. 

Michaela also accidentally revealed that she should be the one to leave Tony and not the other way around. 

Michaela knew Whitney’s struggles with Tony, such as when she was raped and abused by him. However, Michaela did not report to him. 

What do you think will Michaela do to Whitney? Find out on EastEnders’ next episode on  Monday at 8 PM on BBC. 

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