Echo Frames will now have polarized sunglasses or blue light filtering lenses


Echo frames smart audio glasses will now have two new lens options. Amazon is launching it, giving a different design and innovation to it.

These two lens options consist of two types of polarized glasses that are meant to use outdoors. On the other hand, blue-light filtering lenses are also being launched for staring at bright screens.

Blue mirror sunglasses will ship on May 18th. On the other hand, the classic dark sunglass lenses and blue light filtering lenses will arrive on June 9th in the market.

Following this, all these three varieties will be available in the black version for $269.99.

What has to be expected in Echo Frame’s new lenses?

Echo frames are far simpler in design than other smart glasses, like Google Glass. These glasses have Amazon’s Alexa built-in. They also have some impressive microphones and downward-firing speakers.

Alexa’s abilities are pretty limited to the iPhone because the assistant defaults are associated with Amazon’s services.

Frames are very much compelling when it comes to their specific audio aspects, and at this point, the new lens option comes into action.

Echo frames might not make sense as a smart assistant, but they can be used when you are on a bike or hike. These frames can pull double duty as headphones for music and podcasts and as sunglasses.

These features, however, make it unique and exciting to fathom upon.

Undoubtedly, one can use the same methodology concerning the blue light-filtering lenses.

If you are going heads down on a particular project and need to work for long hours, the blue light filtering lenses might work well.

Aren’t these new lenses handy and carefree?

Having a handy sunglass that can help you protect from straining blue light coming out from laptop screens along with ears-free headphones is just next to goodness.

The only cons one can consider while buying these lenses is the battery life. Amazon’s more open-ended battery claims that the Echo Frames will work for more than 14 hours.

Reviewed by several customers, these frames cannot live up to the expectations of 14 hours of battery life while using both the specification.

To be precise, the term ‘mixed use’ can describe both the working transparently.

For an afternoon outdoors and glasses on, it seems like the sunglasses would last but using blue light filtering glasses inside, listening to music or podcast all day, you might have to keep an eye over the battery’s level as well.

Featured photo by Engadget/YouTube Screenshot

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